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Another fan fiction subgenre is the crossover story, in which either characters from one story exist in (or are transported to) another pre-existing story's world, or more commonly, characters from two or more stories interact.

While the crossover genre is extremely popular amongst fan fiction writers, it does sometimes occur in canon works – examples of this include the video game series Kingdom Hearts which crosses numerous Disney works with those of SquareSoft, and an episode of The X-Files which featured Richard Belzer as his Homicide: Life on the Street character John Munch... who also later began to appear as a main character in Law and Order: SVU.
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lmao using this stamp in 2018 like-

"Core World creator and proud"
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DareNKnightHobbyist Writer
I'm obsessed with crossovers, this is the perfect stamp for me! :D 
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Mirria1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I enjoy a good crossover, as long as it's done right.
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Yup, crossovers are not necessarily a bad thing - I love that stuff, anyway.
Thanks for making the stamp :)
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I'm more than willing to commission someone to do some crossovers with a particular franchise, for a reasonable price of course. How's about this for a crossover: Zoids: Chaotic Century, crossing over with the following franchises: Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, Megas XLR, Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, hell how about even Fairy Tail? Please write back to me ASAP!
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elecman108Student Digital Artist
The only crossovers I don't exactly like are ones like... MLP and SCP:CB. Or MLP and TF2 (although I don't mind this at all). Although MLP and Minecraft KINDA work. I think Minecraft can go with anything really... but unless you want a AU where all video games exist in the same dimension (as in the Mushroom Kingdom has the Assassin's Creed dudes wandering around nearby an SCP Facility and so on... And sometimes I use an AU of this) then games that don't exactly go together shouldn't be put together.
Not like I don't like reading outrageous crossovers. It's just when someone makes outrageous crossovers make no sense.
And some people over-use crossovers. Sonic and something else is one of them. Yogscast and something else not as much so because the Yogscast do play quite a few different games....
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JellyfishiezHobbyist Digital Artist
Sonic and Hetalia. :L

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HildaSaikixFuuWhiteHobbyist Traditional Artist
I have written some fanfics where Sonic meets some of my favorite Pokemon girls :dummy:!
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Alaxr274Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm author of the crossover fan fiction "Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World".
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I love crossovers. I even wrote a fanfiction with Dead Space and Resident Evil characters.
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KeybladeDetwielerHobbyist Writer
One of my main stories is a crossover between Disney World, Recess, Jonny Quest, and Kingdom Hearts. And I really love adding to it.

Crossovers are awesome and are full of endless possibilities.
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PurestrongpoemHobbyist Writer
Crossovers are fun.
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NbbrenHobbyist Writer
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VoltaliatheMajesticStudent General Artist
I'm also what you say, a crossover writer. Mainly, I insert Pokemon in my Secret Show and Superjail fanfics and also cross them over not only with each other but with My Little Pony as well.
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FunnelVortexHobbyist Writer
That's cool.

I'm writing a crossover between Sonic and The Day After Tomorrow.
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VoltaliatheMajesticStudent General Artist

Sonic crossovers, I think, are overrated. It's probably because they've been done to death.
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FunnelVortexHobbyist Writer
That could be said about anything.
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TheChibiDevilHobbyist General Artist
Crossovers are fun~ :iconfunplz:
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BrainyxBatHobbyist General Artist
I've written a crossover fanfic of The Lion King and The Jungle Book featuring Kaa and Shenzi. Plus i'm planning out a The Lion King and the Fox and the Hound crossover fic, featuring Chief and Shenzi. X3
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YamitheTrixterHobbyist General Artist
I <3 crossover writing in fact i have an huge crossover idea in my mind but i don´t know if i want to publish it since it contains most of my "fandoms" and eh........ XD
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inovationhtfHobbyist Digital Artist
This stamp suits me. :)
But, I'm still have to be very aware whenever I write one. I have to make sure that such crossover can work.
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Narutalia, and South ParkxPuella Magi Madoka Magica! *-*
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o1babyblueyesHobbyist General Artist
I want to write my crossover idea but, I am way to scared X_X *coughs* . . . Marveltalia FTW. That is all! *favs stamp*
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This stamp, made for me XD
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