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Current Residence: a small, dark cave near the bay marsh
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The Red Violin, Harold & Maude, Amelie, Spirited Away
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real life

Heavy pruning.

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Chucking sucky drawings. May or may not be back.
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Life marches on...

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It looks like I have a three out of five chance of keeping my job. Yay! Also, I'm buying bead supplies online. I nearly died when I looked at my grand total for everything I've been getting. Fucking expensive stuff. I'm so far in the hole I have no choice but to try and sell things now. :D I should add that it's not just DA I'm neglecting--I've been slacking off on my online presence everywhere generally. Life is too busy.
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I'm about to get laid off OMG! Apparently, the new corporate-ese for layoffs is "RIF", or "reduction in force". I passive-aggressively retaliated against the news by stealing the tea bags from the break room. Who wants some Darjeeling? Bleh, so much for science being a more "stable" career. I know, I know, less talk, more deviations. I may post some pics of the jewelry I'm making before I put my pieces up on eBay. Other than that, don't plan on seeing much from me at DA unless I decide I can make money off of prints here.
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Thanks for the fav! you have a great gallery.
jus' sayin hi...:)

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my viola is bigger than your violin, therefore it's louder and louder = better =D XD
:hug: hello XD
Yeah? Well... I bet I can play higher notes than you can! And if I switch what type of strings I use and learn how to do subharmonics, I'll be able to play notes lower than you can, too! So neener neener neeee-ner...

Okay, I'm not going to learn subharmonics anytime soon. But I still stand behind my neeners. :D
who doesn't love cute vamp bois in period costume? they're sexy!!! :drool:
Thanks!! the armpit hair is a "Freudian" childhood memory thing :O Thanks for watching ;)