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'Keel' and Vimesy

From Terry Pratchett's "Night Watch"
with each next book this story becomes more exiting *___*
honestly going to draw just a simple sketch ... a bit carried away
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...and the Lilac is in bloom!
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Ooh they're awesum
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My second favourite Discworld novel (after Fifth Elephant) Great job on Vimes.
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I think I know exactly what part this is;
Sam: Snapcase is the man we ought to have, he listens to be people
Vimes: (and I listen to thunder but I don't do anything about it)
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You absolutely right :boogie:
What an absolutely Vimes thing to say.
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young vimes always seem more nevervous than eager in the books

also vimes has red hair?
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Agree)) but on pic he eagerly talking about revolution and uprising, so elder Vimes is just like "Oh god..."

Oh and he's not?
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no realy is his hair red i have no idea:?
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well though there were nothing in books bout that, it's just my own anime vision ^^
guess for canon he should looks smth like that [link]
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thanks for attention :aww:
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Love it! I'm a big fan of Terry Pratchett's books...
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Old and young Vimes just like in book :)
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Hehehee :D so cool!

Night Watch is definately one of my favourite books from Pratchett ^^ someone should draw a picture of the moment when Vetinari walks up to the king to assasinate him xD that was hilarious! Maybe I should do that myself but I suck at drawing... -.-
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Me too :boogie:
Yeah, it was cool)) perhaps later I finally draw this moment too ^^
but I still thinking Vitinari as blondy *please kill me someone*, so it maybe looks strange for all people accustomed to original version *_*
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Great! I love it! Nice expressions and great backround!
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Love it, and i loveeee terry pratchett :D
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