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the Bird and the Bat

What if Tim Drake becomes a man and continues to be robin but trains a troubled young genius kid into the next Batman. hehe!

I shall do a couple of panels to explain more in the future. :)

tools: pscs3, wacom cintiq
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I think my brain just exploded.
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I can see this becoming a series...epic idea!
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Best robin design I ever seen bro. Your costume designs are second to none
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Cool I really like your slant on how you view things.
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I love the expression on mini batman's face! It's so devious and cute!
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That would be really cool if that happened. Good Job!! :clap:
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Wow! The pose is cool here. I like the shapes, especially the bobble-headed Batman. The composition is great and flows really well. Great work!
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that batman.. unique!
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You know this could have possibly happened with Tim and Damian if Damian hadnt been such an arse and instantly hated Tim, but its a great concept :)
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Red Robin and little batman.
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oohh, what an interesting concept!
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i like how you made robin look like the main one insted of batman
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Oh shit, if this really happens...dude! The EPICNESS!!!!
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Definatly awesome,love the stle
i feel like this is my favourite of all D: D: D: I really love how you did robin....and mini bats in training looks oh so adorable with his little smirk
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i have to say ..... ( after looking all your art work ) i wish i had your lvl of skills you are awesome dude hope someday to draw like you do
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I really dig your Robin design. Slick.
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Holy awesome idea! The older robin looks so sick, like he could tare someone in half right now.
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aww, this is so cute!!! ^.^
is this digital illustration? used adobe illustrator?
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