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lil Calvin big Hobbes

I thought I'd make Calvin a tad older in age then in the strip. I guess Calvin subconsciously wishes he was strong enough to handle those lunch money taking, bully, assholes in school so much that it alters Hobbes. ..... I dunno. lol!

I was sorta kinda thinking of an old polaroid effect for this one. Twas fun experimenting on this one.

tools> pscs4, wacom cintiq
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They look great like this!
What a wonderful perspective!
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In one early story, before Bill Watterson got the feel of his strip, Calvin's uncle paid a visit. Because Watterson never gave Calvin's parents surnames, it created awkwardness in the way the two realted. The uncle was not used again.

In another equally early story, Calvin was a cub-scout being razzed by his team-mates for dragging the toy tiger around with him. Mr.Watterson then decided that Calvin was a loner.

In re: the last strip of the series - Encyclopedia Dramatica added a final panel - a newsclipping reporting Calvin's death in a sledding accident.
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I hope he didin't really die!
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Cute! I love them!
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*laughs* If only we could all take a super-tiger to protect us from bullies. Thank you for this!
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Most badass 5 year old & tiger there ever was.
Calvin is 6 actually
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You're right. Whoops. :p
I'm a fan of Calvin & Hobbes. this is really cool
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Because my childhood couldn't become even more badass...
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Towards the end of the comics run, all the clues were there that later on, Hobbes was going to become a lot bigger, and a lot stronger, for the reasons you cited...multiplied.
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Hobbes is my favorite. :D
i see what you did there
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Lol Calvin looks awesome X3
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kinda scary. perspective is cool :
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Calvin's face and the fact that he looks older scares me when it comes to Susie. Poor, poor Susie.
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This is Amazing!!! I LOVED reading those comics!
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I'm not the only one who remembers!!!
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Well DAMN Hobbes what that boy been feeding you???
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Calvin and Hobbes, the teenage years!
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he doesnt look like a teen here... id say more of a nine/ten year old
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Would be an interesting comic-strip ;-)
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