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The Return to OZ



I don't think anyone knows what happened many years after Dorthy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Lion met the wizard......!!They went back to OZ!! This time it was for something a little different..

THE LION became so damn courageous after meeting the wizard that he started conquering over vast amounts of land which gradually turned him into a evil son of a warlord bastard. The ones he ruled over didn't feel that he was no match for the Wizard of OZ so the lion wanted to prove himself by cutting off the wizards head and showing his people.

TIN-MAN was only given a temporary heart. So after a while it faded away. The guy craved another heart so much that he killed people, gouged out they're hearts and consumed them. He thought that by eating them it would maybe solve his problem. It just made him a mass murdering asshole. He returned to get another heart.

THE SCARECROW was given a brain....unfortunately the Wizard f.d up and gave him the brain of damn psycho. So ol straw face can't get rite in the head. He wants to get even with the wizard for that little problem.

DOROTHY became an old ass, weird and lonely woman who drags around the dead carcass of Toto. She wants the wizard to make her young again and toto back from doggy heaven......with a side of puppy chow.

I had no clue it was this f...d up for those guy...damn!


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Wrong on all counts.

The Lion lost his false courage and went back to being easily scared, but always fought to protect others.

The Tin Woodman continued to have a kind heart and ruled the Winkies wisely and well.

The Scarecrow's brain was sharp (part of the Wizard's formula included pins and needles) and he ruled Oz well until Princess Ozma took the throne.

Dorothy moved to Oz with her aunt and uncle-- and her very much alive dog-- and settled in Oz, where they live immortal to this day. She has been a little girl for more than 100 years.

As for the Wizard, he came back to Oz and learned to do real magic, and is now a servant of Ozma, and good friends with everyone.