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So I thought what if all of batman's villains went to school together. How would they be..

JOKER> Weirdo face painting class clown, school skipper, animal abuser, kid genius.

CLAYFACE> School Mimic, Drama student, Bad grades!

RIDDLER> Teachers and students hate him because he continues to ask questions they're to stupid to answer. They also think he gets a kick out of that shit.

BANE> Loves Physical Ed, slapping kids around and hanging out with his girlfriend Selena. Although he think she's starting to steal from him for some reason.

SELENA> Gets picked on because of her strange ass neighborhood cat lady mother, has an obsetion sneaking around and stealing shit.

PENGUIN> One of the smartest and richest kids in school. Teachers hate him because he's a smartass and the kids pick on him because of his long nose, deformed hands and stuckup nerdyness.

POISON IVY> Loves chemistry. Voted preetiest, smartest school bitch all at the the same time. That last one the girls in school gave her. Apparently she turned all of they're boyfriends into her slaves.

Lil FREEZE> Keeps to himself, Loves science. Kids pick on him because of his slurred speech and crushing on a popular blonde girl in school that doesn't like him. The glass bowl over his head might have something to do with it to. Ha!

CROC> Some weird ass Half-boy Half Crocidile they play with outside of school.


tools> pscs4, wacom cintiq

edit: my great friend :iconsosay360: came up with a name that I thought fit this piece so well so I had to rename it. Sosay also applied the flats for me in this piece.
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