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The Cat and the Bat

I wanted to add these two classic beast of the comic world to this mini story I'm paneling up in a bit called "The Bird and Bat". Twas fun doing this up. Was trying to blend a simplistic cutout look with a smidge of volume. No clue why I do such things. :)

tools> pscs4, wacom cintiq

heres a link to Bird and the Bat shihh!>

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so good! this would look amazing on a canvas. great work sir! :D
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Lovely :heart: Nice work, sir!
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This is very cool! I love how long and lanky the bodies are, the sharp corners make the expressions very fierce.
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I really, really love this style, it's very interesting and beautiful. Great job with their poses and expressions, I like how they almost mirror each other. Beautiful work.
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A very interesting way of portraying them. Batman looks almost like a shadow and Catwoman's whip is going all over the place :XD: Very, very nice :)
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Wow... I really like this!!!
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The batcat Dual is always amazing ~ Great piece!
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Beautiful work. The line on Selina is so fluid, it really IS feline. Breathtaking.
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I like the composition.
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great job!! i love your style!! :)
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Stylish and cool. You make the pairing look honestly interesting, which is more than I can say for most. Love the *calm* look on Bruce's face, and all the fog.
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Cool style! love this!
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words fail me, this is just a great image!
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I'm loving your style, so interesting
I love the lines!
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