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The Boy and his Striped Friend

Looks like Christopher Robins just ordered the guys to sneak attack and kill some kid and his imaginary friend. I guess that's what happens when you travel to far into the damn woods. Wonder if Walt knew about this shitty behavior.

tools> 2bpencil, pscs4, wacom cintiq


Edit: was in a hurry when submitting and didn't realize I popped up the wrong version. Heres the link to it if you dug that one though> [link]

Edit2: Saving Kanga for something special. ;)
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Are we going to ignore that Rabbit is wielding a Katana in his left hand???
Eyeore giving a death glare?
Now that is surprising!
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One thing that'll help, use a match and burn those stuffed demons.
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My childhood right here.
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Love how you've got Tigger and Eeyores face sends chills down the spine!
SheTheTDE's avatar
how did Eeore get in the tree? He's a donkey?
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Well, I feel watched.
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Yes, Kanga isn't up to killing and doesn't want her son to see, let alone participate in a murder.
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They DO look like they have orders to attack and KILL ! I have seen similar body language in a murder attack on Piglet. Christopher Robin, stationed on a high branch, is supervising the attack. Even Roo is going after Piglet with MURDER in his eyes. Tigger is heading him off at the pass. Piglet is understandably terrified.
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Pooh: TARGET CITED! *Pulls out gun* 
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I could imagine that. Some other kid comes into Christopher's woods, he feels upset, and sends his imaginary friends after them.
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I was sold on Eeyore.
kionkion's avatar
Your art is awesome and I love your imagination...!!!! <3
Thank you very freaking much for share :D
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Eyeore looks really dang angry for some reason. But ignoring his face, I love this piece! This is a nice crossover idea

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Pish Tosh! christopher robin may have his "fancy friends" but Calvin has a transmogrifier gun handy at all times! Plus, Hobbes actually has the killer instinct of a tiger, unlike that Tigger moron.

If Hobbes were to take out the weaker ones (starting with Rabbit, then going on to gopher, piglet, owl and roo) Calvin can transmogrify either himself or the others, thus rendering them harmless.

Afterwards, they can just beat the rest of them to a pulp
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Igor`s face...just awesome...
El-Rey-Chipinque's avatar
Oh wait, i remember seeing this on tumblr. xD
hubik000's avatar
Such a Fantastic concept!!!! I love this series that you do with Calvin vs. Christopher Robin, brilliant Magical and a little creepy!
lol this is awesome, but I'm sure Calvin will go all spaceman Spiff and an epic battle will ensue; and obviously calvin and hobbes will be victorious
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Tigger isn't the only tigger anymore! Well even if Hobbes is a TIGER , but still.
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The perspective shot is brilliant!
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