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The Best of all Time

There has always been debate on who the most popular video character in the 80's was. "Well a Super Powered, steriod induced mushrooms should clear that debate up just nicely" say's Mario.


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You're so good at drawing characters in motion...
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Takes on a whole new meaning now that Mega Man's officially in the new Super Smash....
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I think Mario was going at first but I think Megaman made his way up there as well.
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i really wanna see this fight
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Cool! As much as I love Mario, My hat is off to Megaman! Whoot!
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As much as I love Sonic, he's out of the question. To me it's always been between Mario and MegaMan. I love this piece
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Sonic is 90s anyway, so why even bring him up. :iconwinkingplz:
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I love the way this is stylized. Megaman and Mario-good idea. I love it!
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Mario wins hands down
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Mario apparently went through a bit of a "Final Fight" phase.
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I wouldva thought mario would have been a hairy son of a gun too...oh well awesome piece!
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megaman doesn't stand a chance against a mario that almost looks like hulk what if megaman even the score by taking a steriod battle chip program
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Simply awesome.
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totaly epic render of Mario.
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oh...that answer's why mario is so
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That is the scariest Mario I've seen yet.
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