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The Bear with the Belly shirt

If you see a bear in the woods than whatever you do don't stare at it directly in it's face! Especially the strange ass, honey holding, yellow one with the soft voice and a belly shirt. Just stand still and don't do shit. Hopefully he'll go the hell away.

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I like this drawing it funny because the bear is fat
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funny as sheet!
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Someone just got his fat ass unstuck from Rabits burrow and is pissed!
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He wielding that honey stick like a boss! :iconbadassplz:
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How the HELL did you make POOH BEAR look badass?
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You're description is #$%^in hilarious.
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Pooh bear is PISSED! Piglet must have found his porn stash and he's on a honey bender!

DUDE! I love Angry Pooh Bear! AWESOME!

And I'll say it here I so love your style in all your pieces. Awesome work!
strongbad-joe132's avatar
Why does pooh look pissed?
AJInu-Okami's avatar
This are getting eal arnd here! XD Oh how much I love Pooh no matter what, even when he is like this XD
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"I took lessons with Po!" (KUNG FU PANDA, OF COURSE!)
wow. CHANGE. That's what it is.
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Pooh Bear: "You sure gotta purdy mouth on ya, boy."
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reminds me off inglorious bastards, especially because of the stick he is holding.
One-Mean-Dingo's avatar
I feel like I'm about to be fucked up just looking at the picture
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Hands off his Fucking Honey!
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*chokes on own childhood*

You... are... so awesome. I love the sense of stuffie-come-to-life this one has, and the fact that the honey-stick is, in fact, a gooey, delicious *weapon*. Pooh-bear has never seemed so great to me, and I'm afraid of what that says about me.
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Wahahahahhhaaaa!XD Typical!
Peppertography's avatar
Hells yes!! You get 'em Pooh!
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