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The Bat show that almost was

This was one of the first Designs that I did when I was helping to develop the now scrapped, Dark as hell, Batman series for WB animation. T'was fun though. James Tucker (the producer) was such a seriously talented dude to work with.
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Just a small note don't mind me use for next character grey
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Whoa; it's so cool!
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Badass design man
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Do u have a story synopsis
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WOA!!! Awww man i would have loved to have seen this. As an animator would have been a dream to work on such a project if it went into production. Gawddddd. Those designs!!! 0_o
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Batman will always be my favorite superhero. I love coming to you pages to see your next interpretation. Awesome work!
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Disappointed!  :ohnoes:
We need more 'grown up' cartoons.  ;p
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I really wish it happened!
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Kizer, I've been following your work for years and you never cease to make some cool shit. WB better snatch you up for something more permanent soon!
You have a thief on G+…

Great art btw.
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That's a shame, I would totally watch it!
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I would've watched it if the design aspect was based around this concept. Awesome character design.
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whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy   didnt it happennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
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Any hope that this may still happen?
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I prefer your style any day than the DC animation style they are putting out now. Yours at least stays true to the designs of Bruce Timm, yet more sophisticated than his. Keep up the great work! 
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love it. the larger symbol connecting to the collar/cowl and covering his entire chest makes the costume more fluid. really cool, man. 
That is a hella cool design! Shame it was scrapped, between this and the description it sounds like it would have been pretty cool.
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cool one Big La. 
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aw man! that would have been amazing.
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Would have loved to see how this would turn out. 
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Why must the good die young!?!?
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