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THE ThunderCats

I just thought that what if the T-cats show that we all know of today was based off of the real Thundercats from long ago. The original Thundercats.

Twas thinking that they were all leaders individually of some village and kingdom and came together only when they felt someone or something really needed them all. So the cool and collected fastest Cat alive Cheetarah, the Mix martial art Brute of a cat Panthro, quick tempered tactician Tigra, and all of the above Lion-o did there "hear the magic hear them roar" shit, won there battle and then went their separate ways. The end. No clue where the show came up with the other shit.


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This should be how the roar show should be styled.
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<font><font>Great work! much better than that horrible remake</font></font>
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I take it you dont like the new series:)
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Well this was done before that came out.
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Oh okay, so what do you think of the new show?
cheetarah needs to look a little sexier, imo....but overall cool alternate vision of the Thundercats
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Cool! This is awesome! What a unique and different style here. It's great! Keep up the good work. :)
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I love the new series, but you can basically watch the pilot, read the short versions of the rest of the episodes up to 12 then start watching again at 13. Then it gets really good.
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The drawing is purrrrfect, but I am confused when you say "the real thundercats from long ago"

What are you talking about?

The 1984 cartoon had them slightly different, but they were fleeing a dying planet . . . I dunno if we ever learned about their relationship to each other before that . . . but is that what you're referring to by "leaders individually?"
This was my show growing up!!! Bruh you have a SICK Gift with these visions of yours and the ability to put it on paper like this!!! My bad dude, I'm Dick-Ridin: Pause, No HOMO!!!! LMAO
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The new show is just a fail imo. I wasnt even around when the original Thundercats came to be but I watched all the reruns as a kid. Still love them. I found half the original first season (it apperantly has a part one and a part two), literaly said "omg want!" and bought it. If you ask my friends or anyone that was came near me when the new episodes aired, I was in a rage mode and I seriously cried at one point when they said that Panthro died. Lies!

Now enough of my ranting. This peice is great. It's different than the original but I most certainly prefer it over the new.
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I don't think so. I really like the new series.
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ditto, it's great story.
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Thanks for replying. Forgive my late response.
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ThunderCats is on hiatus but is in danger of cancellation because their latest episodes began to lose ratings after more people began to watch The Legend of Korra.
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I think they're both great, though I do Think LoK is getting a lot more attention than Thundercats.
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