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So I sort of thought of Tony as a womanizing, Super intelligent, Incredibly mellow, Sarcastic, brilliant business minded, fast talking dude....whew. Which isn't all that different from how he is in the books now. The thing is that I feel that some of the way he acts is a way to avoid his past. The alcoholism, the take over of his company, him becoming homeless for a while, creating weapons of war for profit and of course the tragic death of his parents. So keeping his future in mind and his past out is what he does now. I think continuing to be visibly cool in public is a great way to prevent people from becoming suspicious of whose within the Iron suit as well. The birth of Iron man to me was kind of like the rebirth of how Tony saw war. It basically showed him that what he was doing was wrong. That selling WMD's wasn't the best way in solving conflicts between countries. Unfortunately he had to be imprisoned, forced to make a bomb and almost near death to see this but this was sort of his "At first I was blind but now I see" moment.

But this again an opinion of mine.....what's yours?

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''So I sort of thought of Tony Stark as a womanizing,super-intelligent,incredibly mellow,sarcastic,brilliant,business-minded fast talking dude''.

Funny,that's how Stan Lee thought of him when he created the character,too!

Ha! Ha!

Great art!