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Secret Agent Calvin Hobbes: Worlds a Playground

Thought I'd show ol Cal and Hobbes in action.Why not..:)

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Note: If you have any trouble purchasing from here than you can buy thru. [link]
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This is a great idea, dude! XD
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This looks so epic! Love the story you created with this two :)
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had you ever had thought of making a calvin and hobbes vs chris robin and his friends... cause i do
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I can see this as an action comedy, all narrated through kid Calvin's perspective. 
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Please let Susie be the main antagonist of this scenario... because, honestly, I seriously do not care for this insipid pairing..., AT ALL...
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Nice! I've been a fan of these two for years.
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Calvin WOULD become a secret agent! XD
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Okay, THAT is badass.
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This is awesome, but wait....wouldn't this make Rosie Calvin's ex-wife 
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I always wanted to see Calvin be able to make Hobbes physical and go do something awesome together, in plain sight and Calvin not giving  a !@#$ about who saw him...because his friend is REAL and he will kick your tail-less tush to Pluto if you mess with his buddy.
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This is why I love going though old favorites. I had forgotten I had favorited this. And Goddamn is it awesome. 
I never cried from something being so awesome.  I love you sir.  I love.
There's no way in hell this concept will translate to the big screen. It's far too awesome for us puny mortals to try to comprehend, without our heads exploding.:) (Smile) =P (Razz) Clap :happybounce: 
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lol, pretty fun!
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looking good boys ;)
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