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Secret Agent Calvin Hobbes

Thought of Calvin as a boy who grew into a man and never gave up on imagining himself as different characters. He just needed to find out how to do what he loved full-time. It had to be cool, filled with car chases, beautiful dames, cool ass fights, gun battles and of course room enough for a certain imaginary best friend. I'm thinking he made the right choice.

At least in the way I envision being a Spy. Ha!

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I could see this.
That is great! I never thought about Calvin really growing up...makes me wonder what else he could have turned into...omygosh what if Calvin became...a psychologist?!
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Hobbes is so buff....

I would not attempt to tame that beast~~~~~~
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I would total watch this.
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This is totally awesome. :sniff:
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love your calvin hobbes series so much 
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I just want to see someone do a fake trailer of this. Something with high production value and a lot of fun. It'd be just a five minute long trailer for a movie based off this.
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Can we get a webcomic please?
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'names Bullet. Tracer Bullet.
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Totally believable. Someone in authority who was willing to reign in his anti-authority streak a tad could turn Calvin into SUCH a kick-tail secret agent. And if he could harness his latent psychic talents to make his 'toy' real and keep him real out.
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ahah, such nice design!
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You have to sell this to Bill Watterson.  You HAVE to!
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Too. Friggin. Cool.
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That'd be the greatest thing ever! :D
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Don't know who he is but he looks pretty badass. 
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pretty sure this is the best thing i have ever seen
I also think you have missed the whole point of Calvin and Hobbes.

Also, Hobbes smoking? oh dear, you just don't get it at all, do you?
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:) Glad yah like it that much.
Why turn Calvin into a murderer?

[Utter dislike.]
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Someone needs to make this into a TV show
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Dude! This is so bitchin! Then again I could see Calvin growing up to be a mobster too. You know kind of like Pulp Fiction... Meh. The above is pretty damn Tarantino too. This is excellent! Bravo!
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