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March 30, 2010
Oh ddddDear by *kizer180: What they never told you about Winnie the Pooh's series.
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Oh ddddDear

Something happens after the "Winnie the Poo" show ends and all the little boys and girls stop watching, Christopher Robins uses his imagination to torment the shit out of piglet. This is why that little bastard always afraid. Here there playing a little game called "tag the pig"......and destroy it.

damn.....that aint right.


tools> B pencil, pscs4, wacomcintiq
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This is AWESOME!!  What fun you must of had creating this. :-)
disneyfangirl774's avatar
Poor Piglet. :( Hope they all get over this rampage once and for all.
101boy's avatar
LOL^^ nice! :-)
Alando1137's avatar
YES. My childhood has been complete. Thank you.
EmmetEarwax's avatar
The pic has always giiven me the feeling that Piglet has been declared expendible, a waste of space, and Lord Christopher Robin has sent out the order :KILL PIGLRT !
EmmetEarwax's avatar
Reminds me of Pooh killing and beheading Eeyore, and in the next pic, Tigger has smashed Pooh's cranium with a baseball bat, and the gang dances & celebrates.

Not by this guy, tho.
SheTheTDE's avatar
what an evil little boy
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CreatureInTheClouds's avatar
Remember seeing this aaages ago. Glad I found it again. Real funny piece.
luismartinez27's avatar
Fuck, this is good!
sevenskies1990's avatar
u drawing with a pencil then scan it rite?
CoranKizerStone's avatar
this one was. Most of my deviations these days are all digital though.
sevenskies1990's avatar
did u colored with mouse or tablet?
and what tablet do u use?
vaam-chan's avatar
Epic, I had a feeling this would happen one day.
derpy526's avatar
wtf did cristopher robin do to them
I spit the drink out of my mouth at 1st glance of this pic. The description nailed it.
rbadowicz's avatar
It ain't right... But it is.
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Awwwwwwwwwwwww poor pigglet! :tears:
I...I never thought someone would bo something like this ever :jawdrop:...I always guessed something really bad had happened to pigglet to be so afraid all the time, but.....I never imagined that it might be something that creepy like this :fear:
I'm sorry piggled :tears:...Awww man....I'll never be able to see this show the same way....:(
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So this is why you made Robin the Villain of yer' Agent Calvin thing,
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