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No Mans Land Batman

Post Apocalyptic Bats. I have way more of this to come. :)
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Good because this is so sweet!
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I like the bulky body with skinny legs. 
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Nice job. Love the work here. Great style. It has the flair of frank Miller...however shading reminds me of Alex Toth. Which is genius.
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Post Apocalyptic Bats idea is awesome! I'm excited to see where this goes.
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yesss, that would be really cool to see a post-apocalyptic JLA. 

or avengers.

but since we're talking about bats, post-apocalytpic bats all the way man o3ob
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This is a sweet batman design!
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Awesomeness :)  Would love to see a comic done like this.

A question, I may be seeing this wrong, but those spiky things on his forearm, are they side by side as opposed to in a line as is traditional?  Either way, pretty cool :)
Scary Batman!  Who's he making off with?
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