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Militant Mario

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So meh fellow artist from WB animation :iconjakecastorena: created a cool ass costume for Halloween of Military Mario and when I saw it I had to draw that shazz up! Pretty fun.

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lol nice! xD
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For that heavy duty plumbing if you know what I mean.
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Kill some Goombas, that is
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Hahaha Super Scope 6 in action
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when you want to be mario for halloween, but all you have is that left over heavy costume
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who needs bullet bill when you have a mother-f*cking BOMBOMB LAUNCHER!
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:icondemomanplz: KA-BEWMMMMM!!!!!
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holy fuck this is so good
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Mario meets Call of Duty right there.
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You Mario is stunning <3
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Mario: It's a War Time!
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Heh, Power Glove.
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This is freakin' cool! XD!

Awesome job!
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Heh that's one way to shoot fireballs
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oh snap mario nice!!:D (Big Grin) 
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One word, Epic! No seriously great job, totally love the old Nintendo accessories as gear.  
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Now that is cool.
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This is an epic rendition of Mario and of your friend's super-cool Mario costume.  The attention to detail, the perspective, the perfect execution of Mario's palette, and the massive amount of action in the background charges up the atmosphere with high hopes of action and heroism from our favorite red-clad, mustached plumber.  Spectacular job!Hello :thumbsup: revamp 
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