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Kind of thought of Matt as a straight faced, dapper, superbly professional and constantly observant lawyer but one who of course still seems dependent on the walking stick for secret disguise reasons..hehe. To me this DD guy is kind like a mix between Batman and the Punisher. He seems to not only want vengeance but Punishment when it comes the criminals he goes after and will go through any means get both. This of course spawned from the tragic death of his father when he was a kid. I don't really see to much of a mask man here I just see a guy who is now doing what he always wanted to accomplish. Putting bad people away by day and doing the same at night. With his suit I always thought that eventually someone was going to use that ningitsu background of his and place some of that in his Daredevil attire but it never really happened. So I took the liberty of alternating it just a touch. But what's your thought's on this dude?

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