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Master Darth Vaderuki

I've always loved that Darth Vaders outfit was inspired by Samurai gear. I thought I'd play with his original design and incorporate some of that samurai shit along with some stuff I just had fun popping in there. Had a dandy playing with this piece a little lot.

tools> pscs4, wacom cintiq
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I love the thin ass, clean black saber. It reminds me of a zatoichi OwO
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This is so awesome! [link]
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''Dis Baie Mooi'', (Afrikaans native tounge), Meaning its Freakin awesome. wow
the force is strong with You
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THis is friggin awesome!!!!! i love the armor design
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Samurai Wars <3
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that is hardcore I wish there was wallpaper version
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You've been featured here! [link]
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That's pretty sweet!
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O.O you made hell of a good job there:)
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yes indeed imagine if vader were a samurai....god he'd frighten even the shogun!
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thats a neat idea!
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cool concept for the biggest nubian of the galaxy ;)
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Now thats a pretty intimidating vader!!
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The dark side approves.

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This is badass.
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very nice idea
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I have enjoyed your work so much in recent days. The 'childhood-gone-screwy' pieces are, in my opinion, amongst your best work. Samurai Vader though, is easily one of your best yet.

Domo arigato (as seems appropriate to say)
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um... what's the word?!... oh yea, Awesomeness!!
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