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Little League..Hal Jordan

My version of a seventeen year old Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern. He's pretty much into the same shit he's into as a older man. Having fun, Being silly, creative and getting girls. Oh and saving people once in a while..ha!. Here's Lanterns team of pre-teen and teenage superlads>[link] >[link]

Oh! looking at this, how do you think young Hal should act as teen?

tools> csps4, wacom cintiq
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love your work, man. fantastic cartoony style and wonderful color work.
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Looks more like Kyle than Hal to me, either way great job!
he has ta be the group wise-ass, or at least one of them. but when s#!t goes down he get's the job done.
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wow love this
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can you make one without his mask please!
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NOSE BLEED so hot!!!
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Freakin awesome dude!:hooray:
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Really REALLY like this design, i would so cosplay this costume if i could.
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Cute! and I htink he should be cocky but serious when it comes down the the serious stuff
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i love this!
i looove Green Lantern.
I agree with the guy who said he'd have meat head syndrome.
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woa!!! that is sooo cool your such an amazing artist!!!!
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Fabulous. 10,000 times fabulous!
Posted you up, here:
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Nice, I love the little jacket thing!
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man i love the costume design!! and to me by looking at this, i think hal would be more of a jock....
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These little league pics are great. I'm loving how personal they are to each super. Hal looks way too cool, like he's some kind of badass punk and the king of the school or something but he'll actually help the guy who just got shoved into his own locker without a second thought.
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Awesome work, I see him and Young Flash as members of the school basketball team or football team.
These Depictions Of Them As Teens Are Great!
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I love this costumes design so much he's make Green look so cool
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Hal would be an arrogant fearless X-sports kids
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