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I guess I thought of Sonic as a fast ass gold ring taking thief. You come into Mario's world though and start stealing coins and shit, you might literally get your ass stomped on.

simple as that.


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Sonic could easily speed from that.
also down below is the sonic hatebase
up here is the sonic fanbaseSanic cumon step it up II 
ok but i didn't realize i thought someone was stupid enough to put in a fat mario (bootlegs?)
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Lol no he can’t. Stop calling people who like this the Sonic hatebase. Sonic fan base is a lot more cringe. And insulting a dude who made this picture is seriously idiotic.
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He thicc boi!
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Fat Mario is best Mario
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Seeing Mario destroy Sonic made my day. 😃🆒💙
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Haha! I always knew Mario could beat Sonic. Wow, though, considering how heavy he looks. I almost feel bad for the poor hedgehog.
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This is f*... awesome!
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Wow. Mario sure did put on a few pounds.
Jumping on the hedgehog must not be like on a flat non spiky turtle. Mario put his metal shoes for that ;)
Mario: ".....Ow! Ow ow ow! Mama mia!" *Holds both his feet in pain.*

Sonic: "Ha! That's what you get for trying to stomp on my razor-sharp spines! You fool. I cut robots made of metal in HALF with those razor-sharp spines of mine. Did you really think that the rubber soles under your shoes would be enough to stop my spines from cutting through your feet?!"

Mario: "...Damn you Sonic..."

Sonic: *Picks up the gold coins* "Thanks for the gold coins, fatty. Bye!" *Runs off.*
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That's what you wish. But since Sonic wasn't in his ball form, he wasn't spiky meaning that Mario can stomp on him like a goomba.
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Sonic’a ball form still wouldn’t do much
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True dat.

Rubber soles? I think his boots are pretty effing strong based on what he's been stepping on over the pas 20+ years. XD
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Not your best moment, hedgehog XD
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Yeah you might want to stick to taking gold rings and emeralds Sonic and stay outta Mario's universe, just sayin' 
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Good and ridiculous: pure win.
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it's not over till ...the fat guy stomps you...
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Haha, poor Sonic. I think it is weird how much Sonic fans seem to hate Mario and Mario fans Sonic. I was a Sonic kid myself (played two first games all the time), but never had anything against Mario. Both are legendary game characters, in their own way.
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the old nintendo and sega magazines fostered the us-and-them "hate" by getting their readers to submit pics of the appropriate hero destroying the other one.

prize? free magazine! lol. its funny as hell though looking back at it:D
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