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I thought it was about time that Inspector Gadget stopped being sort of a wimpy ass and a little more of an Ass kicker. It was inevitable.

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Badass Gadget is always a fun concept to play with.

10 year old Penny being hardcore enough to be allowed to drive the Gadgetmobile so expertly is also a nice touch.

Would you please consider doing more with this premise?

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The reboot looks lit AF

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i love the car, when i be a kid , i try to make it with my lego!
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Supreme!! Congratulations you won the internet.
Whole movie in one image you just cut to the chase! Phenomenal
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Try and say that 10 times fast!
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*Deep Breath*


Aomine (Angry, rage) DANG IT I WAS SO CLOSE!!!
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Well, you did your best.
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My god inspector g, calm down XD
See this is what happens when Mike Mattei forces you into his Minecraft review. It soley drives you MAD. :: badumtish ::
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Nice. It took me time to fall on something good. You should be proud.
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Oh how I wish...!
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Inspector Gadget!! 🔥🔥🔥
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Inevitable my posterior! It's part of who he is.

If there ever is an ass-kicking Inspector Gadget, it needs to be a completely different guy. A badass who compliments Gadget's clumsiness and stupidity...someone to whom Gadget to a foil and comic relief. It would be a buddy cop show in which two polar opposites partner up.
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This is absolutely awesome! Nice work!
I wonder how Claw would react if this happened... Claw would probably be pleasantly surprised that he would finally have an opponent worthy of his own skill, not some bumbling minions.
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This is so beyond cool.
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A dog with a bazooka wins the Internet every time.
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Only one word can describe this: BADASS!!! 
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