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Dark Knights


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edit> Thanx James..:D
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cassandra looks awesome. wish we could have cass animated soon.
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aww wish we could have had this.
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This is pretty awesome.
how do you get your perspective to look so good? Do you use a box method? plz i wanna know
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wow love your understanding of perspective, brilliant colors and the angles ate just phenomenal...
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BigManD88's avatar
You were the guy behind this? Wow I wanted this show to happen so badly!
kagemusha123's avatar
Such a shame :( I wish your pitch was accepted.
Epic-Titan's avatar
I love the subtle non-intensive colors.
THAT'S how a Robin should look. A yellow cape and green boots and gloves would just draw attention! Great job man
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you know i keep coming back to your gallery for references man

i enjoy your work very much and your fore-shortening is off the chain!
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I love the way that you do them in your own style, especially robin!
The-Rehovot-Projects's avatar
You capture movement very well - very well!
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you are an awesome artist man, wow, every pic you have relating with DC universe is plain out fantastic!!!
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I love the poses and the perspective.
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That is an amazing robin suit.
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Wow browsing through your entire gallery, so awesome. Absolutely fell in love with your art style
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ok two questions. first y is catwoman in this? second is that suppost to be batgirl in the back or what?
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-No real good reason. Just thinking of some cool ass characters who wear black.


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Why couldn't cartoon network do something like this instead of their new "Beware the Batman" thing...
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Okay... This is just too cool!
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I like your style!
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