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Published: November 29, 2007
I feel that a mixture of Frank Quitely Clark Kent and Cris Reeve's portrayal of him in the Superman films to be the best disguise. When you mix that up you get a clumsy, head sunked between the shoulders, Bowlegged, slightly stuttering, might of been a nerd in highschool, cowardly Clark. I not only see the confident exterior when he puts on the red, blue and yellow tights but sort of a exhale. The chance for him to breath and be himself. To me Superman is truly who he is.

I could be wrong though...tell me what your thoughts are guys and what ya think.

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JamesFHJHobbyist Traditional Artist
I think the real Clark Kent is somewhere between Superman and the Clark Kent we see in Metropolis. He can only really be himself around a select group of people. People he knows and trusts with his true self. The Clark the world sees and the superman the world sees are both disguises to protect himself and those he loves.
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FandomDerpHobbyist Writer
this is lovely! 
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AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
I really like how he really carries himself so differently as the superhero Superman than he does as who he really is as Clark Kent...!
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Demon-spornHobbyist Digital Artist
awww kent soooooo cuddly
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Nailed it!
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sikharbanerjeeHobbyist General Artist
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ES-68Hobbyist General Artist
Great style and concept.
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DrakusAnimatedDEVHobbyist Traditional Artist
Love your style, dude.
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MasroorWCWHobbyist Writer
I can see that happening; he'll be a nerd and  badass at the same time.
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The-Last-PhantomProfessional Digital Artist
Super amazing style!!!


Yato and Hiyori (Snuggy Alt) [V1] 
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xechonHobbyist Digital Artist
This is beautifully well thought out :)
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joeabuy1000Hobbyist General Artist
In my opinion, Clark and Superman represent two sides of the same person, rather than a mask serving one or the other. Both identities have a place in his life; Clark was the identity he was raised in while Superman was an identity he chose, and both are equally part of him. The DCAU captures this interpretation well: if Clark doesn't get to be Clark at least part of the time (and be his own person), he's not going to have the mental fortitude to be Superman. In a way, being Clark is his own release from the expectations and pressure that come with being a "beacon of hope and goodness" type hero. Clark is him as a person, and Superman represents his best attributes amplified.
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I mean that's the best way to show it too!
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Reminds me of how Grant Morrison portrayed both personas in All-Star Superman.
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AndreasFrancisProfessional Filmographer
Great coloring
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Claramente sonla misma persona xd o sabes si viste a pelicula claro
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LZBGHobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing work!!!
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CartoonicusProfessional Filmographer
All that is good but we all know the real disguise is the Glasses.
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LadyScribblesHobbyist Digital Artist
He looks cool. Love the style :heart:
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I like how you have him...its better than that lack of disguise he always had. Now there should really be no suspicion about him
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