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Blades Guns and Chains

Who out there loved Woverine as Patch back in the day?.....MEMEME! I always thought ol Logan looked like the Shit with the patch even though it made no damn sence. Main reason I made this peace is because I always thought that these three fellarz would make a preety cool ass threesome. Marvel make it happen or I'll have to take matters into my own hands.

Toolz> Photoshop, optical mouse

oh! If ya want you can check out some of the sketch ideas I made previous to making the piece here: [link]
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they did team up kinda, mephisto's son blackheart caused some shit early nineties, maybe wolvie wasn't there. have you done cyborgs? deathlock and cyborg would be awesome.
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the title sounded liek guns germs and steel to me xD
this is so cool
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PATCH!!! AND GHOSTRIDER!!! *fangirl hearts*
GOSH, this is Absolutely incredible!!
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As I recall, the three of them did team up for the Midnight Sons series back in the 1990's. Aside from Blade, who else in the Marvel universe is mean enough to fight vampires? ;)
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that is fye! 3 badasses
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please take matters into your own hands :D
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that must be the most awsome thing in the history of awsome, well done =)
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To me that sounds like rape
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cool concept
wicked drawing .....this team up already happened back in the 90s the team and trade was called hearts of darkness they even released a 3 figure set from toy biz
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Punisher looks calm and silent, strong and self confident, somehow guys reminds me of gangsters a little, but I like it :D Three for a one price, death.
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This is an AWESOME drawing!
Punisher, nightrider, and the wolverine altogether...
Really cool
The way you did the colors and everything is so neat, it looks like an old comic strip, or an old "wanted" photo, I'm not sure how to explain it.
Love the chains, the guns, and the blades.
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dude take matters into your own hands, i read that comicbook companies don't notice you by your own origanal work, you have to first do a "cover" of someone elses work first
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Love it. Best characters ever all in one spot :).

Only one thing though... didn't Wolvie wear the patch on his other eye back in the day?
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Wow, just an awesome piece.
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Love this picture, and yeah, they're pretty much the most awesome triple crossover ever.
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I agree, totally badass :headbang: and awsome job by the way.
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Kick ass threesome or an amazing band. :]
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I would buy it. (Or pirate it, if necessary. xD )
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