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Beast of a Bat

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Beast of a Bat. Something I did back in ‘11 that I’m finally showing.
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Very impressive Batman:)

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very impressive work!
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interesting design
cool suit/armor 
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That's just an awesome concept bro
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Oh man, awesome design of the Bat. Well done!
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Interesting to keep the shoulders so clean and clear...
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Unique take on this iconic character!  Great work!!
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greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreat of my favorites from now.
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this is so sweet
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My favorite part.......the bat emblem bleeding back over the shoulder and becoming the cape. Brilliant. This coming from the most critical Batman fan.
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You know why this is so cool?
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That is one insanely good batman. Keep up the great work.
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Holy Grim Demeanor, Batman!  :D (Big Grin) 

Excellent job. 
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dem boot's, and dat bat
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I would SO watch an animated series with THIS as the model for Batman. So much better than the current "Beware the Batman" version with that sliced-down skull version of the Dark Knight. Well done sir!
This is awesome. Was this for fun or fun a project?
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aw man, this is dope.
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