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Bat Hatin Joke Lovers

hmph...Looks like the lady know's what she likes.

This is something I did about a month back for hoots and gigs. So this was before the the lil Gender Switcher upper thingy I pop out a couple pieces ago. I'm doing more of that by the way...twas fun.

tools> pscs4 clue how Harley holding up that Mallet by the way...
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Interesting new look, Mista J.
I love the little squished bat. Awesome pic.
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Wow, Harley is strong. Really nice work !
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Teehehe @ least you admit you don't know how she's holding up. Like their face expressions.
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One hot couple *.*
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Your art has been featured on our Awesome Alt Art blog! You can check it out at: [link]

All the best!
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um... absolutly love. amazing. i want.
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aooff...this one s nice...u may had to make it more obvious about who s holding the hammer though...but, in all
,, Waaoow.. good work.
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this must be the first drawing i see of a woman in that 'standing in the point of her feet' pose that somehow makes sense
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Nice Harley Homie!
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Harley looks so awesome.I love this work !!
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wowowowow <3
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The little squashed bat makes me giggle. Is that bad?
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THE KEWLNESS! YOU GO! >w< Luv the set up it totally works. The bat n mallet leads up to the crazy couple :3 great job!
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lol, the bat made me giggle.X]
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Tippy-toes Harley.
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this is really good , how did you color this?
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