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There's tons of people out there who have escaped there past problems by suppressing them so far within there minds to a point where its almost like they've never even happened. This guys just couldn't seemed to achieve such a dream. I'm a big fan of the hulk that started up in the early 80's with Bruce being abused as a child and having (DiD) which is basically a spit personality .
I feel that the reason Hulk is so strong and so perpetually enraged is because of Bruce’s strong inner emotional agony and Rage from his past.
To me Hulk is like a living personification of Bruces inner self. This Wild, Montruos, Powerful sudconcious bomb that has basically exploded. This Bruce here would probably be one who seems to not only be running from a murder he didn't commit or Lieutenant Striker’s men but possibly this beast that lies within him as well. Even though he know’s that’s pretty much impossible. Hulk is partly who he is.
..But What do you guys feel?

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I like how they both seem to be looking at us!