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will eventually procrastinate.
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How do you feel about the yearly Secret Santa?

  |  132 votes
  • Love it! I've joined before :)
  • Seems fun! It's my first time joining :)
  • It's not bad but... (finish sentence in a comment?)
  • I can't join! :(
  • Not really interested in it.
  • I don't like it, I think you should... (finish sentence in a comment?)

Headcount: who plays Spore?

  |  166 votes
  • I play it!
  • I haven't played yet, but I plan to!
  • I played it, but I didn't like it.
  • I played it, but I got bored with it.
  • I played it, but it kept erroring for me (painful errors).
  • I haven't played it, and I do not want to.
  • Never heard of it and don't care.

When it comes to fanart, do you prefer seeing it drawn ...

  |  219 votes
  • The original style
  • The artist's style
  • Either is good
  • I hate fanart
  • It depends... (explain?)

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Dawnf1reProfessional Digital Artist
Aww. Coralyoshi was one of the reasons I started drawing. ):
andrevusHobbyist Digital Artist
I wonder why she deleted everything.
Teela-Y Writer
No more DeviantArt? Somewhere else I can follow your work?
What?!? Where did all your beautiful art go?
happy belated birthday yo :D
MetalforeverStudent Digital Artist
Happy birthday!