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Nimrine V2 Download!

I'm really proud of this next update of Nimrine because now there are things to actually do while your there! ....Well I guess only two things, but still! Nimrine Archipelago is a climbing map, and then there's a quest to find the Dark Crystals (quest in NimrineDarkness map).

I just want to thank everyone that has encouraged me to continue this project. It wasn't just my friends that helped, but seeing that Nimrine got over 1000 downloads has been very motivating for me, so for others that have already downloaded Nimrine before, I thank you. Heart 

New fairies have been added into Nimrine! There are multicolored fairies now (first map you find them in is Nimrine: Hall Of Colors), and in the Nimrine Crystal Lake map, I have made fairies that change to all the colors of the rainbow as they fly. Those were hard to make, but I love them! :happybounce: 

Most map terrains were made by :icongenesis199:
First Nimrine map terrain was made by :iconstonestomper:
and then I made I think 3 terrains? Lol :iconcoralstar51199:

Here Cometh The Hero :tale: Story line: The story of Nimrine, was that the forest was going to be destroyed by the Darkness, because it was home to the fairies, the helpers of the Light. The fairies, teaming up together to save their home, made a cave around forest to protect it. But soon the Darkness found it's way into the cave, turning it dark. The white fairies decided to formed themselves into glowing crystals, to keep the Darkness away, an so it could never return to Nimrine.

RAINBOW FAIRY DOWNLOAD:  (Have to download this to make Crystal Lake work!)

Official Nimrine Website:
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I LOVE Nimrine SOOOOO much!!! Like, I used to play Nimrine the entire time I played FH. I love the crystals, the subterranean forest idea, and the enchantment of it all. Although, I have a question. Would you mind if I add Nimrine into my book? Although, my book isn't exactly one I would publish. You're a writer yourself, aren't you? You ever write one of those type of books that are simply for your own pleasure? And it's so confusing and jumpy, only you understand it? And if you did publish it, people would be like "What the...?" because it's so crazy and weird? Because my book is one of those... And the reason I'm asking is that I don't know if that would be like copyright infringement, or something. I'm only 14, and I'm still learning about the laws and regulations of the world, so please bear with me... ^^; I hope you understand, I can be a little hard to. ^^; ^^; ^^;
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Hey! I don't mind at all if you use Nimrine in your book. And if it helps I do actually have a book published (it's free on Nook) with Nimrine's lore and other secrets. :3

If you don't have a Nook eReader, you can download the Barnes and Nobles Nook app on your phone! :D
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Thanks! I actually added some things and created a whole new lore behind the nimrine darkness, such as it was created by an ancient evil long, long ago... I hope you don't mind. I also want to use it in dungeons and dragons sessions with my dad. I just find the thought of a massive forest with giant crystals exciting! Also, I have a question, one of my maps had a song called The Voice in it. I'm trying to track it down, but not having any luck. I was wondering if one of the nimrine maps had it. I had all the nimrine maps from the original, to the crystal forest, to age before darkness, to the party map. I had several other maps, but I accidentally deleted my feral heart, and I am trying to find the map that had that song. You can look it up on YouTube if you need to. Maybe you'll recognize it instead of searching through your map folders. If you don't recognize it, that's fine. It helps narrow down the search. :)

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Here is the Nimrine website with all of the songs used in each map. I hope this can help! :)…
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Thanks! I didn't see the song, but I recognized a few others. You must love Adrian von Ziegler. Some of his music is really calming and relaxing.

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Oh yeah him and the Fiechter brothers. They're music is so fitting for fantasy worlds, I couldn't resist! lol
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You should hear Wilderness by Taylor Davis. Her and Celtic Woman has some pretty fantasy like music.

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amm umm, what pack do i gotta download to have ther scary one?? and the one with platfroms that you go up?
Coralstar51199's avatar download, and the download as well. All 13 maps are linked to together.
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I have a question, im looking for a map for my succubus and incubus pack. Would you mind if we used this map pack if we credited you?
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Sure! But please be respectful of other players in the maps with you. It is for public use only.
I would actually recommend you use the map pack Nimrine: The Crystal Forest. Three maps in total, and there aren't a lot of people who have downloaded it. You would have less of a chance running into other players. :)
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Can I please use the crystals?
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Most of the crystals used in Nimrine are the default crystals, but retextured.
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How did you do that then? o.o
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It's a long explanation, but basically I made a .material file with the new textures, and went into Object Maker and retyped the material name.
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SO I just make the same thing but different colors?
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Yep! And I'm sure you can find a tutorial to show you how to retexture, but if not, feel free to send me a Note, and I can show you. :3
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Alright, thanks c:
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I can't figure out how to download Rainbow Fairy! Where do the files go?
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They go in the particles folder. :)
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i cant find the fairy forests
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Please watch the beginning of this video. It will show you how to get to the forest. :3…
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Im confused, i downloaded it and done all the files right but once i got in there, there was only a cave, and a portle leading to cape. the rest was just green floor with bits of stone here and there? Help
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:fairyofhealing:  Nimrine is under the Plains. It's right under you. :3
There is a secret entrance over behind the cave. If you need help finding the entrance, watch this video:…

:navifairy: To get into the Crystal Lake map, you need to download the Link can be found in the bottom of the description and on the Nimrine website.

:greenfairy: For more help, frequently ask questions can be found here on the Nimrine website:…
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