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Once Upon a Time, there was a story book. In this story book, whatever you wrote inside became true. Either this book can be a blessing... or a curse. Use the Author's pen wisely.

Maps are set on the pages of the books, making Fantasy into Reality. There are 6 maps in total and probably more will come in the future! Feel free to ask me any questions regarding this map, and please give me feedback! It's appreciated! :)

Check out the video here!…

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This map is so amazing!! I love it so much! Could I draw something with that? :D
Coralstar51199's avatar
Yeah sure! Please tag me so I can see! :D
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Of course I will! But It will take me more time, because I have an artblock right now :'| also school has begun In Poland (I live there) and I have So much to learn for New school
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These are very well thought out maps, and are indeed beautiful! I love the idea behind it! It is very unique and creative! I only have one complaint, in the planet map, I really want to be able to stand on all the planets. But it is impossible to get on any besides Saturn. They are too spaced apart for me to jump on, and since flying is disabled, it makes it practically impossible to even get close to the ones higher up. Overall, it's a good map. But the planet part was a little disappointing.
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The glowing dots have collisions on them for you to jump on. The map is a jumping puzzle, so you can jump from one planet to the other. That's why flying is disabled.
Now the jumping puzzle is a bit tricky to do because you don't know where the collision starts or ends. That's what makes it more challenging. ;)

And thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I might be making more maps of Fantality soon! Right after I get done making the Portal maps. :)
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Oooh... I see now. xD Thanks!! And you're welcome! I will be looking forward to new Fantality maps! 
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I'm blown away by the creativity here! x.x
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Lol thank you so much! ^-^
Btw there's a silver feather in each map. See if you can find them all! ;)
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Omg, finally :DD
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0_0 its all so beautiful...
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Lovely maps, but how do I get to the portal in the fourth map? I'm confused...Plz help?
Coralstar51199's avatar
I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean the Tree map or the Sandcastle map?
Balto2003's avatar
The map with planets ^^
Coralstar51199's avatar
There should be a portal in the Tree Map. If the map is crashing, there might be a file in your exports that's interfering with the Fantality files.
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Rave-It-Out's avatar
I couldn't wait to download this!
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I had heard you would release some meshes to the public, is that still happening? Also LOVELY job on the map, quite magical. c:
Coralstar51199's avatar
Yes I will be releasing the castle mesh and maybe a few others. I just need to get the downloads onto MediaFire, and then I'll post it on DA. :)
I'm also considering doing mesh commissions as well. ^-^
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- Also note, if you do commissions /you'll/ have to make the model, you can't convert meshes that are already made without permission. Such as WoW meshes, if someone commissions you to convert a WoW mesh - it'd be illegal (since you're profiting from their work). Just a heads up!
Coralstar51199's avatar
Well most of the WoW meshes were converted by my friend, but I get your point. Thanks for the heads up. :)
Coralstar51199's avatar
What do you mean? The illustration on the page?
Yeah it's from Nimrine, it's the NimrineHaven map. :D
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These maps are gorgeous and really creative.
Only problem is that fifth map... I crashed. Repeatedly. XD
Coralstar51199's avatar
Did you put the colourstrip into the particles folder?
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