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Published: October 12, 2018
Okay, no not actual blindness, but I want to talk about being blind in your mind's eye.
People who can see in their mind's eye and visualize don't even realize there are people who can't. Just as people who can't never realized there are actually people that can. X3 Being blind in your mind's eye is called; Aphantasia. And I just want to bring it more to people's attention.

I have it to, and I never even realized until I tried doing visualization techniques to make my life better, only to realize I wasn't seeing anything and assumed I did something wrong. So I looked it up and found out some people just can't.^^;
It does suck.. Especially being an artist it can be quite a struggle and it has been the reason why I wanted to give up on art all together..  
I found this youtube video about Aphantasia which explains it very well, but also the person talking about it shares my feelings about having it as well. Which was nice hear. :)
I want to share it with you, I guess to educate you a little, let you know what it's like to actually not be able to see in your mind's eye and that it thus isn't as normal as you thought. ;) Also for those of you who do have Aphantasia it's always nice to know there are more people who struggle with the same stuff, AND in the description of this video is also an exercise that might 'cure' your Aphantasia. I haven't tried it yet, but I will definitely try it soon!…

Thanks for your time. :aww:
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AilwynRaydomHobbyist General Artist
Its good to educate others, special because this is something you dont hear about. 
I didnt know it was a thing intill you told me about it for a while ago. I mean I
myself can struggle not to see things but have insperation but thats momstly
because of stress I think. But I do notice I use bases and poses and remake 
them as my own instead of drawing myself as I used to do when i did traditional
art. I was more creative back then but the struggle was much larger also. And I
have come to a point in life when I want to draw and make it easy for myself if not
I will lose intresst or give up if its not something i really burn for of coures. 

But coming back to you. Im very glad to hear you are working and practise 
and you always been a very great artist in my eyes even if you struggle. You
are a very big insperation for me and one of the reasons why I still draw. :heart:
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CoraleanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah I mean it hasn't even been known for that long. It was basically since 2015 when it really started to get attention.
Wel... having inspiration has nothing to do with being able to see or not. I have plenty of inspiration, but mine come in words, not images. :)
Are you normally able to see when you aren't stressed? Because as far as I know stress isn't a thing. It shouldn't matter if you're stressed or not, you either see or you don't. Some do see more clearly and are able to do more in their mind than others. But stress shouldn't make it worse. 

I'm glad I know about this, because it made me feel like I wasn't mean to be an artist. But now I know I can still be one, though it is more of a struggle. :) I'm glad I didn't give up then, so that I'm able to be an inspiration to you. :aww:
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AilwynRaydomHobbyist General Artist
Oh sorry, Im not the brightes to talk about this subject. ^^; 
I dont even knoe if stress is even related what so ever it was
just a small guessing but since you know more then me, I guess
its not related at all. ^^; I dont know I think I can see small glimts
but never a clear idea of what I want. I guess I have some things going
on but panic and stress out and nothing happends and yes thats very diffrent. ^^; 

Im very happy for you as well. =) you might struggle and worked harder than anyone
to come as far as you have but then you are also worth all the glory that comes your
way and you deserve to shine the most. Because you have find your ways in the darkest 
past to find away to make you shine. I might not know what its going on but I know you have 
been fighting to come the way you are today. 

Im very thankful that you didnt give in and you are my insperation =) :hug:
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CoraleanaHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm no expert either though. ^^; But I think it's about how your brain is 'wired' so stress shouldn't really be a factor, but who knows?
It sort of sounds like you're in the middle. Not sure it's possible.^^; But since you say you can see things, but not clearly. I hope it's just stress, at least that would mean you can get your inner vision back. 

Thanks. :) I have worked hard to get where I am in art. Everything I do is a struggle really.. that's just my life I guess. Even getting through the day can be tough. And I have given up on things like playing the keyboard. I like making music but I didn't seem to have the passion for it that I do for art. So art is something I just can't give up on. Even though I am not like most artist, I do believe I was meant to be one non the less. :)
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AilwynRaydomHobbyist General Artist
Could be true, Im sure I can get it back. Im just in a bad roll right now ^^
I need to find a meditation point and I think I slowly are coming to 
that right now for the moment. To be more careless but yet passionated
over my work. I have been seeing a spark of enjoyment of designing again ;)
its little easy and yet you can be creative. So I will start there and see were it
takes me. ~

I had the same thing, I have been playing keyboard, drums and done teather acting for many years
but the sparked died down. But Im yet very happy your spark for drawing is there and I think you are
made for greater things with your artskills. :3 
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CoraleanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Again, I can't believe I didn't think of it. Designing really helped me out when I was depressed. I mean I always love doing it, but back then it was the only thing I could do and it was sort of like therapeutic. Because normal images do have some sort of passion, meaning or feeling going along with them, which is hard when you're not doing well emotionally, so designing has nothing like that. (same with ref sheets making really). I'm glad you found something to pull you back into a more creative mind set. :) 

Yeah, it's weird though since I did like playing the keyboard, but I wasn't very good and reading notes was hard. X3; And I guess I decided it wasn't worth the effort. Thanks. I'm not sure my art'skills' are made for greater things though. X3 
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AilwynRaydomHobbyist General Artist
thats fine, cant think of everything you know. ^^; X3

I can just agree, bigger projects are very difficult when
you are not in the very best place to say. ^^; 

Yes ;) 

Sometimes its the best knowing your limits, I mean if you
really wanted to keep going you would. So thats why you dont
give up on art because it means ore to you. ^^

Well thats what I think =) 
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CoraleanaHobbyist Digital Artist
true, but since it works wonders for me, you'd think it's one of the first things you'd suggest to others. X3;

Sometimes it works, since it's something to keep you busy and keep you distracted, but sometimes you just lack the inspiration and will for them.

Indeed. :) You need to know your priorities and when to quit or when to keep going. 
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IlluEuleProfessional General Artist
The moment when you thought its normal to see no pictures in your head and find out that's an actual condition @^@ No wonder I have trouble visualizing art that often... I thought I am just not skilled enough. But my dreams are lucid and "real" like hell tho!
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CoraleanaHobbyist Digital Artist
I know right?! XD That's exactly what I thought myself. :hug: I always thought people couldn't see and that the expression "I can picture it" was just that; an expression. ^^; 
Weird isn't it? Not being able to visualize but dreams are no problem! :O_o:
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oreanaHobbyist Digital Artist
For me personally, I think it just depends. Sometimes I can see things fine and very vividly, but I think if I am stressed I cannot see it as well as I wish I could. x0x Maybe I did have this at one point but all my life I wanted to be an artist so I wanted nothing to stop me. I was constantly made fun of for my art growing up and even if/when people praised it when I was in high school, I still felt I could do WAY better, so I kept at it. I hope you do too. :hug: I do hope you try the exercise and it works for you!
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CoraleanaHobbyist Digital Artist
That sounds plausible. I mean stress can do a lot to the body. Stress and depression can even fudge up your memory quite badly so I'm sure it can also mess with ones ability to visualize. 
Thanks. I always wanted to be an artist too, even against all odds. X3 Even if the universe couldn't make it any clearer that I probably shouldn't be one. But I still want to be one. Don't worry, I'll stick with it. ;) I've accepted how things are now, and knowing there are plenty of artists out there with Aphantasia who still try their best made a huge difference for me. It's still hard and it requires more work/time from me than most artists but I love doing it. :)

I still need to try it, but I have to admit I'm a little skeptical about it. We'll see.
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You have an entire gallery filled with works of art.
Even if you can't see it in your minds eye, you must be doing something right.
You ARE an artist, even if you have trouble believing it.
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CoraleanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Well yeah I had years to come up with a way to do it without my mind's eye, but that doesn't mean it's easy. 
I'm only an artist because I refuse not to be one. X3 But it would have been nice if I had my mind's eye to make it so much easier and more talent, because every little image is a huge struggle for me.. Still, this is something I don't want to give up on. :aww:
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And it also means each piece isn't just a work of art, but a personal victory.
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CoraleanaHobbyist Digital Artist
that's very true. :)
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