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Khyran Default Ref
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Published: August 12, 2018
© 2018 - 2019 Coraleana

Expression Sheet:…
Body Reference Sheet:…

This is Khyran's default ref.

:star: Casual #1 Reference Sheet -->…
:star: Swim Reference Sheet --> coming soon
:star: Winter Reference Sheet --> coming soon
:star: Class Reference Sheet --> coming soon
:star: Sleep Reference Sheet --> coming soon
:star: Elegant Reference Sheet --> coming soon
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(here are all of his outfit concepts:… )

Important physical notes:
Khyran's skin color is tanned like that of Atlanteans, since he is half Atlantean. 
The Guardia all have red, wavy hair, and in Khyran's case his hair is layered in different lengths. Also at a certain age they all get skin engravements, which after they've healed, will be tattooed upon with blue ink.

Name: Khyran Aleron
Nickname(s): K, Nuhi (Atlantean for hero), Red
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birthday: Aronia 2nd, 2992
Race: Guardia / Atlantean
Height: 1.80 m 
Weight: 75 kg 
Hometown: Atalya
Current Residence: Myrthe
Family: Locke Aleron (father), Malandra Aleron-Skylar (mother, deceased)
Friends: Kiyo, Coraleana, Telena
Love Interest: Coraleana
Relationship Status: single
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Class: Wuardian
Weapon: Hands (and feet), using a knuckle weapon
Occupation: Caretaker on the Floating Sanctuary, and member of 'Crescent Moon', a secret pro-Atlantean group who fight for Atlantean rights and their freedom.
Likes: his job, nature, peaceful and quiet places/moments, swimming, sunsets, exercising/fight practice, spending time with his dad
Hates: noise, brightness, being teased/made fun of, The Cleansers and everything that has to do with Lord Runa
Favorite color: purple
Favorite place(s): Orion, Galene Beach
Motto: There's always something worth fighting for
Wish: to make a difference in the world

Personality & Background: He doesn't trust strangers, which makes people think he's cold and uncaring. This is also why he prefers to be alone. However, those who get to know him learn that he's loyal to the people he does trust, and actually cares a lot about them. Deep down he's a caring and good person, though he prefers not to show it, it embarrasses him.
Khyran is also very independent, and hates to ask others for help. His father however is the only person he might confess defeat to and ask for help from. He loves his father a lot and would do anything for him.
Khyran is also very brave and vigilant. He never backs down from a challenge and stands up for what he believes is right. He can also be a bit stubborn.
Khyran does have a bit of a short fuse when people push the right buttons, and depending on the subject he can become quite angry or even aggressive. However, he is still able to control himself, he might yell, but would never start a fight. (Most of the time, there are exceptions). These outbursts also never last long. He does however overreact to being teased. All this also means he's quite confrontational.

He loves to watch sunsets because it makes him closer to his mom, since she loved sunsets and sometimes they'd watch them together when his father wasn't home. (He wouldn't have allowed it, since it was past Khyran's bestime.)
His mother was Atlantean and got killed by the people calling themselves The Cleansers, an anti-Atlantean group which rose up shortly after the terrible evens that led to the Kingdom of Atlantis' destruction.

He was 5 years old and out shopping with his mother in Inanna, while his father stayed behind on the Floating Sanctuary. They ran into a group of The Cleansers who managed to corner them in an alley. His mother told him to run but Khyran refused. As little as he was he was determined to protect his mom. 
The men started to beat his mother and Khyran jumped on the back of one of them, trying to make him stop. He threw Khyran off and he got smashed into a wall and fell to the ground. However, Khyran got back up and started hitting them as hard as he could, which sadly for a 5 year old isn't that hard. One of the men grabbed him by the throat, almost suffocating him, while telling him to get lost and that he should be lucky he wasn't an Atlantean, or he would be given the same treatment as his mother. (Lucky for him they didn't realize he was still half Atlantean (which is very rare)).
This angered Khyran and he bit the guy's hand, which made him let go. He kicked him in the heel, and then with all his might, smacked him in the face with his little fist. Khyran actually made his nose bleed, which of course pissed the guy off even more. He slapped Khyran so hard across the face he fell to the ground. He then proceeded to kick him so hard in the stomach that Khyran lost consciousness. While his vision faded to black he could hear his mother scream in pain and in the background.
When he came to the men had gone. He looked around and saw his mother lying on the ground and quickly went over to her. He shook her and kept yelling "Mom! Mom wake up!". She didn't move. The men had beaten her up so much that she had died from her injuries. Khyran put his head on her chest and started crying. 
Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. It startled him and he quickly turned around to see a young boy, age 9, standing there. He introduced himself as Kiyo Aaru. The two of them talked a little and Kiyo told him it would be alright. He took out a communication device and called the Floating Sanctuary, asking for Locke. Locke came as fast as he could and took both Khyran and his wife back home.

All this scarred Khyran a great deal, and it's the root of his anger and aggression. Kiyo visited him every so often and they became close friends, which did Khyran well. If it wasn't for Kiyo, Locke feared Khyran wouldn't have been able to handle everything that happened and he might have changed for the worst.
Thanks to all this he and his dad do all they can to help Atlanteans that need help and to help stop The Cleansers and other Anti-Atlantean people or groups, especially Lord Runa. They became members of a secret group, calling themselves 'Crescent Moon'. It's a pro-Atlantean group who fight for the freedom of all Atlanteans.

Khyran loves his work at the Floating Sanctuary, where he takes care of all the rare animals (along with many others of course). He's responsible of keeping an eye on the wildlife and nature in general, though he's not allowed to interfere, unless it's absolutely necessary for their survival. He took great interest in learning all about them, and he became quite specialized in their needs, anatomy, behavior, etc. Many other care takers often come to him when an animal has an unknown terrible illness, as Khyran always seems to know what's wrong and how to fix it.
He hopes that in the future it's possible for all these animals and fauna to once again thrive and not be in danger of extinction anymore.

One day Khyran was doing some errands in Lemu and was traveling on foot to Ramu to pick up some stuff there. He was taking a detour through the Twilight Grove, as he loves walking through forests, when he heard a girl scream. He decided to check it out and saw a man in his mid 50s pulling a yound Atlantean girl by her hair, her clothes all torn. Khyran knew what was going on and ran up to the man. Before he could speak Khyran beat the guy senseless. He turned to the girl and just gently held her. The girl started to cry and they stood there for a while. He learned her name was Telena, and he took her back to Lemu where she said her sister, Coraleana, was.
Telena and Khyran become close friends because of this, and while traveling together, Khyran also develops a crush on Coraleana. He later realizes that she has feelings for Marcus and he for her. Even though he really doesn't like Marcus, Khyran still decides to keep his feelings to himself for their sake. Though once in a while his annoyance gets the better of him and he'll challenge Marcus to a duel. He wants to prove to himself and Coraleana that he's stronger, thus better. Sadly he's never won yet. It's always been a tie and on a few rare occasions Marcus actually won. Which pissed him off quite a bit...

Characteristic Phrases:
- Shut up! (Or Shut up pretty boy if he's talking to Marcus)
- Would you like to have my fist in your face?!
- Whatever...
- Say what?
- Nizie Riknuh (Atlantean for Holy Mother)

1. Counter (counters enemy's attack)
2. Somersault (powerful kick)
3. Flame Punch (punch with fire effect)
4. Cover (strong defensive move)
5. Triple Strike (3 punches)
6. Tremor Punch (punches ground which causes an earthquake)
7. Fiery Kick (kick with fire effect)
8. Fury Rush (10 quick punches and kicks)
9. Geodrive (punches the floor to get a piece of rock/stone, throws it vertically into the air and as it falls back down, he punches it towards the enemy)
10. Flame Dance ('dances' around the enemy, while kicking and punching them. Has a fire effect)
Special attack; Protector's Rage (cast protect on everyone, raises own attack power, does 20 awesome moves (kicks, punches, making the enemy fly into the air and smacks it back down))


:damphyr:Khyran Aleron & Art (c) Ingrid Timmermans A.K.A. Coraleana.
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Comments (12)
K-E-Y-K-O's avatar
Love the gloves and boots. :)
Reply  ·  
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Coraleana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :)
Reply  ·  
K-E-Y-K-O's avatar
No problem. :)
Reply  ·  
AilwynRaydom's avatar
AilwynRaydomEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice design on the character. I really enjoy it :nod: 
The outfit looks epic and looks like it would belong into something
a game or even an anime. It looks very original. =)

Also, I maybe didnt pay attention to the info last time on his naked ref
maybe you wrote it there too, but I saw it in this info at least about his
tattoo. I love the story about it. :nod: that they get it in a special age
and so on. Its a very nice idea. =)

I think its nice he has a loveintresst in Coraleana but also little intressting
must be some drama between him and Marcus about her sometime ;)

Also wow the backstory of him is so dramatic. O.o; so sorry for him and his mother
and how it all turned out for him. =( but he seem to be a very strong personality guy
here. I always enjoy you write down phrases they say and attacks. Its so cool to read, loving it. ^^ 
Reply  ·  
Coraleana's avatar
Coraleana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! :D I'm glad to hear that, since their default outfits were supposed to make them look like they'd fit into an RPG game. :) 

Well the info was on the body ref itself, with this one I wrote it down into the artist comment below. That might be why you missed it.
I know, I like it too. (obviously, or else I wouldn't have used it! :dummy: ) It was a late idea, but I'm glad I got it in there. It makes the Guardia race a little bit more unique.

You have no idea.. XD;; Khyran is sooo jealous of Marcus which makes him hate him and he basically gets annoyed by him all the time. Marcus always tries to stay calm but that pisses Khyran off even more. So they do have their share of fights, which Khyran always starts. Marcus just goes along with it. X3 

Seems all my OCs so far have pretty tragic back stories.^^; But that does make it more interesting I feel. 
Thanks. I feel those phrases help show off the character's personality. And I gave everyone attacks because I want it to have an RPG vibe. XD; 
Reply  ·  
AilwynRaydom's avatar
AilwynRaydom|Hobbyist General Artist
oh thats nice 8D then you nailed it!

Oh I see ^^; Im sorry I didnt pay attention. But I found 
the info now. ;)

It sure do =) Do they all have diffrent designs on their tattoos if 
they are men or women?

Oh my gosh I feel sorry for Coraleana the poor girl. XD But also feel 
sorry for Khyran as well since he wont be with her at the end. I hope
he finds someone to be with later on. He seems to be a very nice guy. :3

Sure sure it is intressting. :nod: ;)
Reply  ·  
Coraleana's avatar
Coraleana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nah it's fine. That's why I want to mention it on every one of his refs, so people might notice sooner. ;)
Every individual has a different design. Doesn't matter if you're male or female, they are all different. 
Well.. you never know what might happen.. nah! XD I want Marcus and Coral to be together. Sorry Khyran. But.... there is someone who is in love with Khyran. ;)
Reply  ·  
oreana's avatar
oreana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I adore Khyran's default look. The color design really suits him and and the outfit idea does indeed make it feel like he belongs in an RPG! His background information and all the extra things added to him make him feel even more lively in this submission, and I love reading about the characters when their full bios appear~. 
Reply  ·  
Coraleana's avatar
Coraleana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad to hear that since all my OC's default outfits were supposed to make them look as if they fit into an RPG, or at least a Tales of game. X3 
I find it super hard thought to come up with background info and all that. D: It was easier for the ones I've done so far since I have more of a connection with them. It's gonna be tough for some of the others.
Reply  ·  
aha-mccoy's avatar
oh and this version is also very cool! those clothes are great! nice job!
Reply  ·  
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Coraleana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you :)
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