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James and Miles Default Ref
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Published: July 15, 2018
© 2018 - 2019 Coraleana

IMPORTANT Physical Notes: James' skin is a more tanned color, like the Atlanteans (Coraleana), his hair is duo-colored and he has very long pointy ears that are more horizontally and point down slightly. He also has a blue marking on his right cheek. (All Nairi have one, but they vary in shape and place) And in James' case, he almost always has his eyes closed!
If you want to know more about Miles' race check here:…

James Expression Sheet:…
Miles Expression Sheet:…

This is James and Miles' default ref.

:star:Profile; James:star:

Name: Armanum Nihriya (but he goes by the name of James)
Nickname(s): J (Jay), Jay Jay (Miles calls him that)
Gender: Male
Age: 203 (looks 35) (Nairi have extremely long life spans)
Birthday: Nitza 18th, 2812
Race: Nairi
Height: 1.83 m 
Weight: 78 kg 
Hometown: Nizir
Current Residence: Everywhere (travels and never stays in one place too long)
Family: Urmenu Nihriya (father, deceased), Arminé Nihriya-Mannai (mother, deceased), Armenia Nihriya (sister, deceased), Arman Nihriya (brother, deceased), Arame Nihriya (sister, deceased), Naram Nihriya (brother, deceased), Aram Nihriya (brother, deceased), Urmani Nihriya (uncle, deceased), Armi Nihriya-Ermeni (aunt, deceased), Ermenen Nihriya (nephew, deceased), Ara Nihriya (niece, deceased)
Friends: Miles
Love Interest: None
Relationship Status: single, and prefers it that way
Sexuality: Asexual and aromantic

Class: Meira
Weapon: Magic
Occupation: (wandering) minstrel, also does little chores and errands to earn extra money
Likes: Making music, writing poetry, ancient history and cultures, nature, reading/learning, books.
Hates: Greed and hatred that seems to rule most humanoid creatures and the destruction that it can bring, when the strings of his harp snap, silence, damaged books, close minded people.
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite place(s): Any kind of ruin or ancient place, Sacred Grove, Ramu
Motto: No matter what, we must go on.
Wish: That there was a way to bring the Nairi back, so he wouldn't be alone anymore and race wouldn't go extinct after he dies.

Personality & Background: James carries himself in a calm and relaxed manner. He's a selfless, empathetic individual, who cares for others, listening to their problems without passing judgement before having all the facts. He has a soft-spoken demeanor, which makes people feel comfortable and able to easily open up to him.
Thanks to his long life he's very knowledgeable about basically anything, though he doesn't flaunt it.
James, as far as he knows, is the only living Nairi in the world today. The rest of his kin have passed away and when he does too, the Nairi will be extinct.. The Nairi had quite a bit to endure. First, long long ago, a Nairi called Balaam, took the book of Nihriya (a powerful spell book, made by James' ancestors) and released an evil upon the world. Nereza (purple hued smoke that sucks the life out of living things and kills them, or transforms the stronger organisms into monsters) started spreading and the Nairi were highly affected. So many Nairi died from that.. A long time after that a deadly decease broke out in the Nairi kingdom, only affecting them. They might have gone extinct right then and there if it wasn't for the fact some Nairi had started traveling the world and settled down in different places, thus safe from the decease.
Many however already think the Nairi have been long gone, and they don't even recognize what a Nairi looks like anymore. James doesn't mind, he doesn't want people to know he's a Nairi anyways.

Because he's all alone he travels all over the world, never staying in one place too long, though he might linger a little longer if he likes it there. He makes music and sells self-made poetry to make money, and sometimes does little chores and errands for people to earn some more. It does get lonely, but he still prefers it over settling down somewhere.

One day he was exploring the Gulon Caverns in the Umbra Mountains when he discovered a round gem. It seemed very unique so he decided to keep it. (Later he meets Coraleana and gifts it to her. The stone is actually the missing stone from the Atlantean Moon Gem, which he realizes later and that's also the reason he gives it to Coraleana. However, a creature found it before James did, and the power of the stone turned it into a new Ancient Guardian named Larimar, who now resides inside of it. )
When he came out of the caverns he heard someone calling for help. It came from deep within the chasm. Someone named Miles had fallen in and got so injured he couldn't get out again by himself. James climbed down and was surprised to see that Miles was a Miru and not a humanoid. Miru normally don't go to the mountains. He used a healing spell to heal Miles' injuries and tucked him carefully into his bag, then he climbed back up.
Miles was very grateful and offered to go with James on his travels to repay his debt to him.
One night when James was ill and sleeping Miles saved him from some thieves. Miles thought James didn't know, and never mentioned it in fear of having to leave because his dept was repaid, but James saw what happened. Years later it came up again because of some incident and James thanked him for saving his life and asked him to stay with him. Miles gladly accepted. James had really come to love his furry little friend, and it sure was a lot less lonely. So they've been together ever since. 

Characteristic Phrases:
- What's done is done.
- I know what I know.
- Interesting...
- Did you know...(add in some fun fact or piece of info relevant to the situation)
- Believe in yourself.
(He also likes to recite short little poems he comes up with on the fly)

(the Nairi can use any known spell, these are James' favorites)
1. Unseal (unlocks locks, doors and magic seals)
2. Eclipse Shroud (makes you invisible for a short period of time)
3. Astral Beam (lets you teleport, but not too far like to the other end of the world)
4. Healing Breeze (heals 75% of one person's health)
5. Revitalizing Rain (heals status ailments; poison, paralyze, confusion, sleep)
6. Aegis Barrier (ups defense greatly for one person)
7. Heaven's light does a lot of magic light damage to all enemies)

:star:Profile; Miles:star:

Name: Miles
Nickname(s): Fluffy or fluffball (James calls him that, though Miles kinda hated it at first)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Race: Miru
Height: 35 cm 
Weight: 6 kg 
Hometown: Phakama Village
Current Residence: Everywhere (travels around the world with his buddie James)
Family: none
Friends: James
Love Interest: None
Relationship Status: single
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Abilities: can levitate objects, even though Mira aren't humanoid they can talk like normal people, in addition to that they can also communicate with other creatures, Miles also has a beautiful singing voice, and a long life span.
Occupation: none
Likes: Listening to James playing his harp and sometimes either sings along or starts dancing to it, spending time with James, exploring new places, food, nighttime.
Hates: being treated as a pet, people who try to keep his kind as pets or kill them for their fur, sudden loud noises (like explosions).
Favorite color: Green
Favorite place(s): Natural places mostly (like forests), the Sacred Grove
Motto: If you mess with James, you mess with me!
Wish: to find a way to make James' wish come true.

Personality & Background: Miles has always been a bit of an outcast, he and his kin just didn't get along. Most were even rather mean to him. So one day Miles was sick of it all and decided to leave, hoping to find a better life. When he reached G'ulna Trail in the Umbra Mountains he slipped and fell into the chasm. He was badly injured and couldn't even stand anymore. All he could do was call for help and hope that someone would pass by and hear it. 
Many hours passed but no one came. Miles was sure he was going to die down there.. Just as he was about to give up he heard some rocks fall. Thinking there could be someone there he called out for help again. Someone answered, and carefully climbed down towards him.
It was a kind of humanoid Miles had never seen before, but he seemed friendly. The man used his healing spell to heal Miles' wounds and gently picked him up and placed him in a big bag he carried with him.When they got back onto the path he took Miles out of the bag and introduced himself as James. 
Miles was so grateful for his rescue that he offered to go with James until his debt was repaid (and it wasn't like he had anywhere to go..). James was alright with that and the two started traveling together.

One night, they were camping in the woods, James was very ill and had a high fever. He was sleeping deeply as Miles watched over him. Suddenly some thieves snuck up on James, they hadn't noticed Miles. Miles used his levitation powers to levitate a rock off the ground and threw it at the thieves, knocking them out. Miles knew James would be unable to do anything in his current state, and ultimately, he, himself wouldn't be a match for the thieves either. He had to make a hard decision.. So he used his power again on on of the daggers the thieves carried and slit their throats, killing them. 
This was very hard for Miles, but he felt it was the only thing he could do to keep James and himself safe.
Miles was unaware that James had actually witnessed him killing them, but James never spoke about it. Miles himself never mentioned it to James either. Not because he had killed, but because he was afraid James would send him away knowing his dept was not repaid. 
Many years later, because of some incident, the topic came up and James mentioned he'd seen what Miles had done that night, and thanked him for it. Miles started to say goodbye, fully convinced he had to leave now, when James stopped him and told him he would be very honored if he would keep traveling with him. Miles was overjoyed, he'd finally found someone who wanted him around.

The cape and headgear Miles wears was made by James and given to him as a present for being his friend.

Miles is very easy-going and generally kind. He can, however, get angry if people push certain buttons, like for example, if they treat him like a pet rather than an equal. He's also very intelligent, and can solve any problem/puzzle with ease, but he actually tries to dumb himself down when around others. 
His kin and others have treated him weirdly because of his intelligence, so he finds it easier to pretend he isn't smart. Only James knows. He actually found out by accident, which made Miles very nervous, but unlike the others, James treated him like he always did, and being pretty smart and knowledgeable himself, they could even hold very interesting conversations, which Miles was never before able to have.

Miles, like many Miru, is a music lover. All Miru have beautiful and enchanting sounding voices when they sing, which Miles loves to do. Often when he and James are resting somewhere peacefully and Miles is happy, he'll start singing. James loves listening to it, but sometimes he'll take his harp and joins in. The opposite is also true. When James is playing his harp, Miles often sings along, or just starts dancing.

Miles is also very curious. If something has caught his interest he'll want to find out as much about it as possible. Miles also loves to explore new places. Whenever he and James go to a new town or city, Miles will run off on his own to explore the place, yelling something like "I'll be right back!" to James. He can take hours exploring sometimes, but he always manages to find his way back to James. 
He can also be a little impatient, especially when he wants to explore. It's a fun sight seeing him move and hop about all excited while waiting for James to be done so he can go explore or do what he wants to do.

Characteristic Phrases:
- Don't touch me! (when someone tries to pet him)
- Let's go explore!
- Jay Jay!
- Just a little longer... (when he needs to wake up, or when he's relaxing but they have to go)
- When are we gonna eat?


:damphyr:James, Miles & Art (c) Ingrid Timmermans A.K.A. Coraleana.
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AilwynRaydom|Hobbyist General Artist
Yay its finally here James and Miles together forever duo!

I love the ref you made for them and it turned out so well. I knew you could make a ref of them together. ;) It looks awesome and professional as well. Love the colores and as always the outfits are so detailed. ;) Loving it to bits. Also read James story he has a very lovely name, sad his whole family is gone O.O . But instead its good Miles is around and being his travel buddie. His personality reminds me of Snufkin from Moomintroll. Likes to travel all the time too :3
you really made a great work there my friend :hug:
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Coraleana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, though my computer almost died.. XD;; It can't handle the file size.. stupid thing. XP 

oh... I did watch that show when I was little. Though I don't remember anything of it, I just recognize the characters. X3 I'm sure there's more characters that love to travel. :)

Thank you!:D
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AilwynRaydom|Hobbyist General Artist
yeah I know the feeling happens to me all the time ^^; 

hehe yeah there are plenty of travel characters, this one just happend
to come up in mind for that moment ;)

your welcome :3
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oreana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaah James loves purple. X3 I like him already. You have a great variety of these two all laid out, and they sound super interesting! :) Cannot wait to see how the rest of their outfits look!
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Coraleana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha. XD 
Sadly.. these two only have one outfit. So this is it. ^^; It's only the 'main cast' that has multiple ones.
Next I'll be doing Khyran though. ;)
Reply  ·  
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oreana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mawwr, I understand. That would be a lot to work on. xD;

Exciting. :D Cannot wait to see it!
Reply  ·  
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Coraleana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wouldn't mind, I mean I've got too many already. X3 I just never had the urge to make other outfits for James and Miles. 

I'd love to start on them after I finish this contest entry and this picture of a female Ima I've had sitting around for too long.:)
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Very classy Coral. :)
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Coraleana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks :)
Reply  ·  
K-E-Y-K-O's avatar
No problem Coral. :)
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wow nice reference! those clothes are pretty nice! and I love the little one! you did a pretty nice reference! they are really really cute! nice job Ingrid! 
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Coraleana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much Aha :D
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you're welcome!!
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