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Devi Reference by Coraleana Devi Reference by Coraleana
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Reference for Devi.

Expression Sheet: Devi Expressions 

Here's it's bio:

Name: Devidra-su'gual
Nickname: Devi
Age: Unknown
Species: Myrsu'dra
Gender: Genderless
Height: 30 cm
Weight: 3 kg
Abilities: Can use a lot of (strong) magic, but it's full potential is unknown. Can also use telepathy, levitate and fly.

Extra info:
:bulletred:Myrsu'dras were created by the Moon Goddess Inara to watch over the pocket watch which held Balaam's soul. (An evil Atlantean man, who almost destroyed the world). They are very magical and mystical. Legend says they don't have blood running through their veins, but mana. Which is said to be seen through their markings (the aqua/turquoise color and glow you see).
They like to stay in dark places (mostly big cavern systems with a lot of tunnels and chambers). In the dark their dark colored bodies are almost invisible. The only thing that can be seen are their glowing markings, and since they move fast when spotted they appear more like ghosts or will-o-wisps to people who get a glimpse of them.
They are vegetarians and eat mainly moss that grows inside the caverns and bioluminescent mushrooms that grow deep inside the cavern systems.

:bulletred:All Myrsu'dras look like Devi but have different body colors (though they are always dark, no bright colors) and gems on their foreheads. Their markings have different shapes and patterns, but the color remains the same since it's the mana shining through.
They can't speak normally, but communicate through telepathy. However, they do create some sort of beautiful, soft and soothing chime-like sounds when they move. Until this day it's a mystery how they do it.

:bulletred:Myrsu'dras can use a lot of magic, and very strong magic at that. While they are powerful they have to be careful, because, like Atlanteans, if they use too much magic at once or in a short period of time they will get very sick or even die.
When they use magic, their markings and eyes glow in the same color of the magic being used. For example, if they use a fire spell their markings and eyes will have a orange/red color and glow. The “ball” on their tails also transforms when they use magic. With a fire spell it will turn into a flame.  
When all is well, their markings, eyes and ball will glow with a aqua/turquoise color. When they are asleep their markings and ball still have the same color but they stop glowing. When they are sick the markings, eyes and ball turn very dark and glow weakly. If they die, their markings and eyes turn black and stop glowing and the ball disappears.

:bulletred:The “fins” on their foreheads and wings are transparent and foldable.
They can levitate, and that's how they move around, though their wings need to be open for it to work. They can also fly with their wings, but only for short distances since it takes a lot of energy.

:bulletred:In Devi's case, it has a pocket watch hanging around it's neck. It's a very important object, since it once held the evil soul of Balaam and later Orela's.

:damphyr:Devidra-sugual & Art (c) Ingrid Timmermans A.K.A. Coraleana.
:damphyr:Original Reference Sheet Concept (c) Pendulonium.
:damphyr:Coral Logo (c) NightAngelTDC
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