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No new freinds~ by corajbae09 No new freinds~ :iconcorajbae09:corajbae09 9 3 A page of willy~ by corajbae09 A page of willy~ :iconcorajbae09:corajbae09 7 3 An elephant never forgets!~ by corajbae09 An elephant never forgets!~ :iconcorajbae09:corajbae09 13 7 FREEDOM!!!~ by corajbae09 FREEDOM!!!~ :iconcorajbae09:corajbae09 12 17 Fred And Flap by corajbae09 Fred And Flap :iconcorajbae09:corajbae09 13 9 TRIPPIN' SARDINES~ by corajbae09 TRIPPIN' SARDINES~ :iconcorajbae09:corajbae09 7 1 Sardine sailor~ by corajbae09 Sardine sailor~ :iconcorajbae09:corajbae09 10 3 Freak snowy~ by corajbae09 Freak snowy~ :iconcorajbae09:corajbae09 14 6 Queen of my own world~ by corajbae09 Queen of my own world~ :iconcorajbae09:corajbae09 17 0 Mango and Eds~ by corajbae09 Mango and Eds~ :iconcorajbae09:corajbae09 10 3 Sayori's cupcake~ by corajbae09 Sayori's cupcake~ :iconcorajbae09:corajbae09 12 0 Flower bull~ by corajbae09 Flower bull~ :iconcorajbae09:corajbae09 10 4 Sweetest of love~ by corajbae09 Sweetest of love~ :iconcorajbae09:corajbae09 7 5 Art Trade:Halloween treats~ by corajbae09 Art Trade:Halloween treats~ :iconcorajbae09:corajbae09 10 5 Pop goes the jocko~ by corajbae09 Pop goes the jocko~ :iconcorajbae09:corajbae09 7 0 Let's find Jocko the clowno~ by corajbae09 Let's find Jocko the clowno~ :iconcorajbae09:corajbae09 5 0


My Furry Admirer by LocalPeaches My Furry Admirer :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 11 6 New tail by RariJacks New tail :iconrarijacks:RariJacks 38 1 Blue! by Cookie-Waffle Blue! :iconcookie-waffle:Cookie-Waffle 10 1 Sketchpage - Orcaotter Aquilla by OkamiWhitewings Sketchpage - Orcaotter Aquilla :iconokamiwhitewings:OkamiWhitewings 53 1 Sayori Bun by StretchNSnort Sayori Bun :iconstretchnsnort:StretchNSnort 27 7 Draw The Squad cinema by AriaKey Draw The Squad cinema :iconariakey:AriaKey 1,860 242 Life of Circus Baby by RariJacks Life of Circus Baby :iconrarijacks:RariJacks 72 6 Normal by RariJacks Normal :iconrarijacks:RariJacks 41 3 ST - A Little Priest by JigokuHana ST - A Little Priest :iconjigokuhana:JigokuHana 512 74 ART TRADE: Great Wolf Greetings by LocalPeaches ART TRADE: Great Wolf Greetings :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 14 20 He Really Does Care by LocalPeaches He Really Does Care :iconlocalpeaches:LocalPeaches 13 13 Happy Mother's Day! by CelestNny Happy Mother's Day! :iconcelestnny:CelestNny 19 0 A Talented Mouse by Mileymouse101 A Talented Mouse :iconmileymouse101:Mileymouse101 10 0 Brother Rat by InklopBunny Brother Rat :iconinklopbunny:InklopBunny 31 3 Max Medici REDONE by AverageJoeArtwork Max Medici REDONE :iconaveragejoeartwork:AverageJoeArtwork 20 4 Dumbo by AsineVenisa Dumbo :iconasinevenisa:AsineVenisa 18 0
teal sea anchor divider f2u by cal-vain

Crab Pixel by Svenrin Coraj/penny/coraline/flapjack/Alex ( I respond to any of those nicknames given to me)| 18| She/her Crab Pixel by Svenrin

6. Ahoy there matey!! I'd be Alexsis,but your free to call me by any of the nicknames mentioned above,since those are some nicknames given to me in real life. Now,let me set some rules here for boarding my ship!!
7. Please don't be freinds with me just to gain art! That's not how I roll!
8. "Can we be freinds" urmmmm,I'm a bit shy so please leave a note or comment on my profile and we'll take it from there,if you leave anything explicit or weird that I find uncomfortable,you'll be walking the plank!(blocked O.O) depending on what it is,or I'll just ask you to stop as a warning.
9. NO REQUESTS EVER! So don't bother asking because I won't respond! We could POSSIBLY do an art trade if you politely ask me,but I advise you not to rush or tell me to hurry up. You are welcomed to remind me every ONCE in awhile,but remember GOOD art takes TIME. READ MY JOURNAL BEFORE ANYTHING! CLOSED:Art trades and other things UPDATEDArt trades and other things are closed until further notice! But if you'd like me to reserve you a spot,comment down below!
I've never really clarified on rules for art trades and I've decided to make a journal about it! 
EDIT:requests are discontinued,lots of fake people on this website I tell youBellwether icon 
what I'm looking for
Bullet Point 32  I am looking for style,If I really like your art style then I'll be happy to a trade with you,but if I don't reply then that means I'm not interested.
Bullet Point 32 NO BASES!!! I want to see art that YOU have made personally.
anchor   Nothing sexual or graphic which means I won't do stuff like heavy torture scenes(or any type of torture for that matter) animal or child abuse,war scenes,self harm,sexual abuse/rape or straight up porn

10. Please leave comments relevant to my artwork,meaning no random garbage or chainmail crap,because you will be blocked/flagged as spam and I will most likely hide it. If you would like to talk again, leave a comment on my profile or note me. This also goes for advertising(contests,commissions etc.)
11. critiques are absolutely okay with me,as long as it's constructive
12. Please don't thank me for favs or watches,it's really spammy and annoying,with that being…
13. Also,don't ask me for my email address or any other private info,if you'd like to contact me,note me or just leave a comment on my profile.
Please don't ask me to be your girlfriend or anything,I didn't come to this site looking for a partner
15.If you watch me,don't expect to get a watch back unless I'm interested in your art. This has happened to me too many times and it's SUPER annoying.
16. Last but not least,read this... Not allowed by pjuk that's right! You have no permission to use ANY of my art to review for videos,reuploads/claiming it's yours,profit,or just theft in general. If you would like to use my art,ask first. Though even then I might still say no!
. by EnderNoviceDreaSailboatDark by CrookedAntlers Friends - Surfing Capital (black) by HinaTheBlue SailboatDark by CrookedAntlers
17. AnchorBlue : Divider by CrookedAntlers
19.AHOY ME LANDLUBBERS!!⬇️Give em' some love!!!!!!(in no order,I love you all!)

Inspirations(in no order)::iconlostnyxia::icongoatkiie::iconswedishlad::iconthemarsianbutthole::iconspongefox::iconlocalpeaches::iconloza-lasphinx::iconpiperlovesdevito::iconmexopolis::iconvivzmind::icondiavalink::iconrycoraptor::iconmindthegoop::iconfnafmangl::icongraystripe64::iconmely14arts::iconliquorel::iconstretchnsnort::iconaxolotlsketches::iconbatfucker::icongantzaistar::iconyukidogzombie::iconangry-baby::iconjellynibbles:
21. Timmy Figgs [for corajbae09] by TheMarsianButthole made by :iconthemarsianbutthole:<3

Pennywise Pixel art Animated by val-draws pixel created by :iconval-draws:!!!
Compass icon free by chili19 Art Status - Surfing Capital (black) by HinaTheBlueCompass icon free by chili19
23. AnchorBlue : Divider by CrookedAntlers AnchorBlue : Divider by CrookedAntlers

25. Requests: NOPE Fishing Hook Icon by BoySmooches

27. Commissions: TBAFishing Hook Icon by BoySmooches

29. Art Trades: freinds only Fishing Hook Icon by BoySmooches



34. Foxy Art Trades Closed Stamp by BlueBismuth

-F2U- Guinea Pig Pagedoll by RariJacks uber cute page doll by,:iconrarijacks:

28 by hibiiyoo 182 by Reykholtz 181 by Reykholtz

Literally my current mood:


corajbae09 has started a donation pool!
27 / 500

City's breaking down on a camel's back
They just have to go ‘cause they don't know whack
So all you fill the streets, it's appealin' to see
You won't get out the county ‘cause you're damned and free
You got a new horizon, it's ephemeral style
A melancholy town where we never smile
And all I wanna hear is the message beep
My dreams, they gotta kiss it, 'cause I don't get sleep, no...
Pagedoll by: lavender-prince

Gorillaz Stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps

Shut up,I love himXD

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No new freinds~
I wanted to draw something big for this show's anniversary because it's the greatest thing that's ever existed. Though I missed the real anniversary date,I still did something either way. So have a drawing of my girl Petunia,hanging out on the docks with her pals Sally and flapjack. Uh,I just love how this came out.

Sally and flapjack:Thurop van orman

Art and petunia are mine
A page of willy~
I love this weirdo candy maker so much I wanna scream,that's why I took it out ob my sketch book! Decided to try doing different expressions and they came out lookin' pretty good. 

Tim burton and roal dahl

Art and Alex are mine
An elephant never forgets!~
Small comic about my girl Topsy,never really do these but I feel like I should every once in awhile.
As a graduation special,I've decided to create a journal of some fanart that was made for me over the years,wether they were of my characters or other franchises I love,they're all going here and I appreciate every piece that was made for me! In order by year! 

Starting off with 2016-

All art by LocalPeaches 
GIFT: Alexsis the Guinea Pig by LocalPeaches   DA Music Meme (V.2) by LocalPeaches Tender Kisses and Birthday Wishes by LocalPeaches
Drawcember 2016: 'That's the Jingle Bell Rock!' by LocalPeaches

By DiavalInk 
corajbae09 by DiavalInk

All art by Loza-LaSphinx 
  Art Trade: Do You Liek Science? by Loza-LaSphinx
Gift and an Unbirthday Present! by Loza-LaSphinx Art Trade: Coraline FNAF Bot by Loza-LaSphinx 

All art by piperlovesdevito formerly WDIE 
[AT] Victor by WDIE [AT] Cuddle Buddies by WDIE
A PAGE OF INSPIRATION! :D by WDIE: [AT] .Tipsy Topsy!. by WDIE

all art by Kirbyfan1234 

For Corajbae09! by Kirbyfan1234
for Corajbae09! by Kirbyfan1234

Art by Dorydraws

HBD Alexsis!! by Dorydraws 

Art by Ruby-Bae

Be careful what YOU WISH FOR by Ruby-Bae


all art by TheMarsianButthole 

Silly Dancing Friends by TheMarsianButthole Timmy Figgs [for corajbae09] by TheMarsianButthole Gift for corajbae09 by TheMarsianButthole 

art by Loza-LaSphinx 

GIFT: It's a Pencil! by Loza-LaSphinx Tim Burton Flapjack by Loza-LaSphinx

art by LocalPeaches 

Drawcember 2017: Mistletoe Mushiness by LocalPeaches GIFT: Birthday Adventures! by LocalPeaches 

art by piperlovesdevito 

Holiday Gift 3 (corajbae09) by piperlovesdevito

Art by @Autisticfangirl137

[Gift Art] Happy Birthday Alexis!!! by AutisticFangirl317


all art by xBlackFluff 

.:| Timmy figs! |:. Bustshot request #6 by xBlackFluff Oops! [|Gift|] by xBlackFluff

art by TheMarsianButthole 

SNOWTREES for Corajbae09 by TheMarsianButthole HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXSIS by TheMarsianButthole

art by Loza-LaSphinx 

Happy Unbirthday, coraj! by Loza-LaSphinx ART TRADE: I made you a present! by Loza-LaSphinx

Art by LocalPeaches 

ART TRADE: Come One, Come All! by LocalPeaches ART TRADE: Nightmare Before Coffee by LocalPeaches Drawlloween 2018: Witchy Woman by LocalPeaches GIFT: The Marvelous Misadventures of Snowtrees by LocalPeaches
COMMISSION: Blinking A.C.E Avatar by LocalPeaches Drawcember 2018: Candy Cane Kiss Game by LocalPeaches

all art by katiemae12 

XMAS GIFT: Topsy by katiemae12 Fancy Human!Topsy by katiemae12 Past human!Topsy by katiemae12

art by AquirasToons

GIFT Crazy GuineaPig and Creddyboy by AquirasToons

Art by StretchNSnort 

Cotton Candy Carnival by StretchNSnort


art by @localpeacges

Topsy the Dancing Clown [Finished YCH] by LocalPeaches ART TRADE: Adventure Sisters by LocalPeaches

Art by katiemae12 

Topsy by katiemae12 Topsy's electrocution by katiemae12 2019 Clown!Dumbo by katiemae12

Art by TheMarsianButthole 

Corajbae09 by TheMarsianButthole

Art by xXLyunxdragonXx or Salty_seapirate on Instagram

Art by Stranger-Potatoes or number1Dumbo fan on Instagram

Art by carnivore_carnival on instagram

Part by Toffeethatdeer on Instagram

Here is all of the art that was given to me over the years,and I appreciate everything! Each of you guys are extremely talented and have amazing art styles. To anyone reading this,go watch these artists and check em out! They're all amazing people!excitement 
  • Listening to: The rain
  • Reading: Dumbo,Circus of Dreams
  • Watching: The misadventures of flapjack,DUH!
  • Playing: Does drawing count?
  • Eating: Candied island
  • Drinking: The lemonade sea
Today I finally graduated,it was great.👌🎓


corajbae09's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
FREE Instagram Logo Button Icon by….

Hello there random civilian,step right up to my profile page where a bunch of crazy stuff happens! I'm just a weirdo that likes to draw and make things from cute and cuddly to bizarre and unworldly!! The things I draw/make range from my own characters to fanart! I'm mostly an independent artist who just likes to draw and sew for the fun of it,though I do try to improve with everything I do. I have about a few,different art styles I like to use to have differences in my arts,since I'm what I like to call,an "expiramental" artist.I love to try new things at times and to see what matches my style and what doesn't. You might see regular coloring,you might see messy sketchy macabre coloring,painting styles and eyesore colors(get your sunglasses on m8). I also like to make plushies aswell,I love plushies too much for my own good😸But I only upload them whenever I feel like it,or if I feel if they're worth being viewed lol. I'm a little shy but if you'd like to speak to me,drop a comment down below and we'll take it from there. Hope we get along well!☺️ Everything is right in this world!

Though Just a forewarning if you comment something weird or explicit,I will hide it and kindly ask you too stop.But if it's too much or even makes me highly uncomfortable,you will be blocked without warning,so please watch it.

Different types of things I'm a fan of:

Angry Beavers ROCK by LosFridas Global Domination Stamp by bandit4edu - G-Force Group Stamp - by toonartt marvelous misadventures stamp by yeslek Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose South Park Stick of Truth Stamp by Sh0ki South Park by sequelle:thumb245539894: The Chowder Stamp - TY by Marzipan-City: Catdog stamp by Kaisuke1 Ghostbusters stamp by Kaisuke1 Coraline Stamp by TheLastHetaira 9 Stamp - Animated by The9Club FNAF 2 stamp by SolarFluffy five nights at freddy's stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps The Gremlins Movie Stamp 4 by dA--bogeyman Child's Play Chucky Stamp 2 by dA--bogeyman Beetlejuice Movie Stamp by dA--bogeyman Nightmare Before Xmas stamp by 5-3-10-4 Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Between the Lions Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 The Great Pumpkin by faery-dustgirl Goosebumps by faery-dustgirl Garfield halloween by faery-dustgirl Coraline by faery-dustgirl Corpse Bride1 by faery-dustgirl Stamp: El Tigre by ArtByFlan [Harvey Beaks] Stamp by NElGHB0R rugrats stamp by laur-star Stamp- The Book of Life by ChocolateLight Overwatch Fan by debureturns bendy and the ink machine stamp by taishokun 1 by taishokun Cuphead Intro Stamp by Pin-eye IT - Pennywise Glitch Smile - Stamp by Pin-eye Rocko's Modern Life by someth1ngw1cked Stamp: EEnE - Intro by YukiMizuno ziiiiim by someth1ngw1cked Hotel T- Whoops by ParamourxLights Chipmunks stamp by angeldea12 APH - Allies Marching Stamp by DeBellini Tim Burton Addict icon by Arkyz Felix The Cat Stamp 3 by FelixFan9000 Popeye Fan Stamp by LittleBigDave Super Mario stamp by angelasamshi Kirby Stamp by nakashimariku Bungou Stray Dogs Stamp by samanta199822 Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan LPS Stamp by MarkiSan Kubo and the Two Strings Stamp by LaDeary Zootopia Stamp by Judy-Hopps Sing Stamp by SuperMarioFan65 The Amaaaaazing World of Gumball by stampsnstuff