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Heya, guys~ I can't tell if anyone's even interested in it, but I want to apologize for the lack of inactivity here on dA. I won't lie, I've been way more active on my tumblr art blog. Yeah, sorry about that...but realizing that I've been on dA for 10 years now and looking back at my old art kinda awakes the urge in me to jump out of the window :') man, I wish I could burn my gallery down, srsly

Anyway...I'm sorry that I haven't commented on most of my friends drawings on here - but I'll get to it. Sooner or later I'll always get back to it.

My life has been in constant change since 2017 started. Now I have a new job and in a few months I'll start my new education and go back to school again. I'm finally growing up for real now and I still can't fucking believe it. I'm very thankful that life has given me this chance, but at the same time...I'm so scared that I'll just screw it all in the end. I'm a mess.

I'll try to be more active on here again, starting with dumping all the shit I've drawn the last few months in the next few days. Sorry for spamming your inboxes :dummy:

I really don't get why people on here still watch me like...I'm dead, guys.

Have a nice day:heart:

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Or rather, Merry Christmas to those who are not in the TF2 fandom...anyway! hon hon hon 

I'm glad 2016 is almost over, and hopefully 2017 will hold better things in store for all of us. I wanted to thank everyone for their lovely birthday wishes, I was so happy about them! :heart: I had such a great birthday, the best one in years :aww: Thanks to all my friends who made that day so special, words can't describe how glad I am to have you :thanks:

Today and the next few holidays are going to be busy, I'll soon go home to my parents, prepare their Christmas Tree because they're too lazy to do it themselves :'D and celebrate with my family this evening. I hope you will all have wonderful, relaxed and silent night :3

Also, I might apologize in advance, because I'm going to dump ALL my drawings that I haven't uploaded here yet in the next few days - it's probably going to be a lot, so I'm sorry for spamming your inboxes. I just wanna get this over with before the year ends *sorry not sorry* I am a dummy! 

Have a nice day everyone! Santa Clause Christmas Tree Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 

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Welp, I guess I should apologize in advance for this journal. But a few hours ago I had quite a mental breakdown and was literally crying straight for one hour. And probably for the most batshit-demented reason possible. I'm a pathetic excuse of an adult.

But neverthless it felt like an indication, that I should step back from the internet (social media) for a while: facebook, deviantART and, especially, tumblr... Partly because I've ruined my own life in only a matter of weeks, but also my drawings are fucking frustrating me so much in a way that almost suffocates me.

I can't even tell because I'm so ashamed of it...but why must I always compare myself to other artists? Why do I always feel left out, not wanted, just some fucking idiot who can't draw digitally for shit and therefore my drawings are worthless in the eyes of others... I'm trying and trying but I feel like I will never amount to anything. And it hurts me so much. And therefore it makes me so goddamn angry that I'm such a WEAK human being.

See, that's what I'm talking about. I'm a fucking failure.

I actually wanted to upload some older drawings here on dA that I've first uploaded to tumblr, but I just can't right now...I will upload one last picture tonight though, then I'll be gone for a while. I need some time to breathe again.

I am sorry.
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Huhu, guys :dance:

I can now finally announce that I've got a freaking Art Only Blog on tumblr pour the champagne It's been up for at least a week now, I was checking if everything is going well, and if tumblr messes with my tags again - I think it didn't, at least anymore :la: Apparently, the tag problem solved itself after a few days - whoop, amazing. Still I really dislike tumblr for being so goddamn chaotic...

Well! Here's the link to my Art Only Blog And if you are interested, here's also my Main Blog.
Bullet; Red The Art Blog contains ALL my art (from here on dA to a few sketches I didn't post in the past and NSFW(!) drawings as well).
Bullet; Blue The Main Blog simply serves to satisfy my current interestes - just reblogs, but I also reblog the 'good' fanart from my Art Blog to my Main now.

I had to put up an Art Blog last year because I was selling at a Convention in Vienna - now it's acutally also a good opportunity to stay in touch with friends who also use tumblr, and who aren't very active on dA anymore. Though don't worry, I won't leave dA - I guess hell has to freeze over before this happens I am a dummy! 

I don't expect much from my tumblr Art Blog anyway. It's merely there so I have a place to dump my drawings, even the awkward ones. That's all, it serves no further purpose - I just post and leave, and if people like and reblog my stuff, then it's all good and it makes me happy :nod: I don't expect to get much notes anyway, so whatever

Thanks to the guys who offered me advice and help in my last journal! I really appreciated it :D

Anyway, that's it! Have a nice evening, guys :meow:

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Hey guys! :wave:

As the title says, I'm in dire need for some help or advice concerning tumblr. I've been working on my Art Only Blog on tumblr for the last few days, making it new and nice from the ground up, and now I'm finally happy how it looks like at the moment, at least. I had in mind to post ALL my art there (fanart, original work, sketches, etc.) but still reblog the fanarts to my Main Blog, where I've dumped most of my art so far since 2014.

Problem is now, that when I upload a drawing on my Art Blog, it won't show up in the search tag! And I have no idea why?? I've heard that this problem occurs by newly established blogs on tumblr, but my Art Blog is already 1 year old, I just didn't really use it that much since now! And it really, REALLY frustrates me, because I'd really like to post my drawings also on tumblr on an Art Blog....but what if it doesn't work? What good is that Art Blog then anyway? Then maybe I should continue dumping my drawing on my Main Blog like I did before, but that's not what I want - I want an ART ONLY BLOG, for f*ck's sake :nuu:

I don't know if it has something to do with the options, but my Art Blog uses the same options as my Main Blog, and I don't have any problems with uploading drawing on my Main Blog - they are shown in the tags without problem. and I don't wanna really write to the tumblr support team, cuz I've just heard some bad things about them and not being helpful at all

Goddammit, tumblr is so fucking inconvenient :fork:

Anyway...maybe you guys know what's wrong here? Or can help me how to solve that problem? Cuz it's really driving me up the walls :steaming:

Thank you in advance!

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Huhu, guys!

A while ago I've noticed that my last journal entry was...welp, almost a year ago :'D *cries*
To be honest, back then I didn't feel like talking about anything here on life was quite eventful (in a bad way), but then was like always. Boring as hell. Except for the horrible last half of the last year, but not gonna talk about it here now. Anyway!

My exams are going to be next month around this time I'm already crying, help Nevertheless I want to find enough freetime to keep drawing - as a stress relief, of course :dummy:

Well, so here's my question: what would you guys like to see? I actually have plenty of ideas in mind, but I also wanted to ask my friends and watchers...if, well, if there are even enough people on here who are still interested in my art ._. I was even thinking about doing request for good friends on here, but I don't think now's the right time with exam so close...maybe later!

Welp, where was I? Oh yes! So, is there anything you might want to see more often from me? Some fanart from neglected fandoms or more Original Art though I doubt anyone wants so see more of my junk here 8D *dies* ...or...whatever. Like I said, I dunno if there are enough people on here who are interested in the shit I'll draw next time :la: cuz we're all adults now and have those shitty real life responsibilities and dA has become some kind of a haven

Then again, I can't promise to draw all the things IF I get some suggestions from you. But I'm still interested :)

:bulletred: Also: I was thinking about creating a seperate art blog on tumblr, since many have been/are still moving from dA to tumblr. I'm personally not a great fan of tumblr and I already have a main blog and a little art blog there, but I'm thinking about redoing my art blog COMPLETELY and make it a more serious one - where I actually plan to post almost all the shit I draw at home includes sfw and nsfw art, hon hon

Ok...I think that's it so far. If someone reads this shit here - congratulation, you get a cookie :meow: As for the intention of this journal, I'm really interested in your opinions, I would appreciate them :happybounce:

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Hello there! How have you been?

I really don't want to spam your inboxes, but in my newest haha, lame picture I've promised a short journal to update my current situation. I don't know if anyone is interested in even reading this, but hey, I wouldn't blame you :'D

Anyway...first of all, I'm sorry that I haven't replied yet to all the messages I've got, but I'm on it :) I have not forgotten you guys, even though I wasn't very active. And I knew I told myself to become more active again once the University term was over...well, some things have happened since then, and not all of them were pleasant:

First of all I had an accident at work, I hurt my left ringfinger badly I was bleeding like a stuck pig to be honest :I I had to go to hospital in the middle of the night, but it was nothing, to be honest :dummy: It didn't even hurt that much, but my finger looked like hell and was bandaged until yesterday - so this little issue was a bit in the way at first when I started to sketch again a bit, even though I'm righthanded. Also typing was a pain in the ass, there where spelling mistakes in every word and it took waaay too long to finish a sentence. But man, the people at work were freaking out, it was hilarous to watch 8D I'm sorry I have a grotesque sense of humour

Another not so happy story is, that I've received news that my grandfather suffers from cancer. And somehow...I don't know how I should deal with this emotionally. I feel terrible because I haven't visited my grandparents as much as I actually should - I know I have my own life and responsibility, and I can't always be at home, still hurts. I've visited him recently, he didn't look as bad as I had expected, he even smiled and laughed a lot, told stories and chatted with me, but my mother phoned me today, told me that he gets worse with everyday on the inside, and that the doctor even needed to come home. It's all sucks. It sucks so much, and I hate it. I feel like a horrible grandchild, because I don't know how I could ever comfort him :( This shit is happened too fast and too soon...

Well, that's it so far. Sorry for my inactivity, due to the issue with my grandfather I don't really feel much like drawing. I just feel guilty and I'm scared of what will happen with him. And with my grandmother, I don't even want to imagine it.

Anyway...oh, and next week I'll be absent for the weekend (7.8.-10.8.) - I'll be in Cologne, visiting the Gamescom again :la: With my boyfriend and two friends of mine, I'm already excited again. I just really need some distraction right now, even though I don't feel like I've deserved it...

I just realized I am so very sorry for telling you this emotional crap. But I'm proud if anyone of you guys made it till the end to read this journal, it means a lot to me :thanks: Oh, and maybe I could need another distraction as well...maybe some drawing ideas? Perhaps *cough* requests? :O I don't know though if I can draw them, so please - I CAN'T PROMISE ANYTHING, DON'T BITE ME

Besides...I'm ok, I guess. Yes, that's pretty much is it. I hope all of you have a great summer and are enjoying your holidays :hug:

~ Juno

@ :icondatsmollpotato: I am still so freaking sorry that I haven't finished my half of the AT yes :( Please forgive me, I'll try my best to get it done soon, dear! Again, I am so very sorry i feel so horrible, I'm a horrible person *cries in corner*
@ :iconmirielofgisborne: Thank you, dear, for your soothing words in your last short e-mails concerning the issue with my grandfather... You made me really happy when I read your kind words. I think I needed them in this moment, thank you :heart:
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Ok, I thought it would be better to apologize now before my inactivity kills me :'D

Perhaps some of you have noticed...but my lack of activity will probably continue for now. I'm sorry that I haven't commented, faved, etc on all your wonderful new drawings yet, but I neither get the time, nor the energy to do it. I apologize and try to catch up as soon as the thing called "live" calms down a bit :dummy: *SHOT*

It' just...since the convention I've felt completely burnet out. To be honest, I'v never felt like that before. Not in a physical way, no, I'm alright as far as I can tell...haven't been to the doctor for a long time though...anyway! I'm feeling burnet out in an...artistic way? Does that make sense at all? I haven't had the energy to sit down and draw a decent new picture in weeks now. I do have ideas, a lot of them, floating around in my head! And I do have a lot of unfinished sketches in my sketchbook, waiting for me to get coloured. But I just...I can't. Yesterday I tried to draw again and I almost cried my eyes out because it all looked so horrible. It took me hours, so many hours do get a halfway good sketch done, and even then it looked fucking pathetic. I feel like I've forgotten how to draw! The lines...everything just looks so strange and foreign to my eyes lately. And that kinda gnaws on my mental state too, remembering that drawing was one of the few things in life that made me happy...and now I can't do it anymore. Godf*cking dammit. Since the convention...everything I tried to draw went straight downhill :(

Besides, the first half of the finals are killing me and I get panic attacks on a regular basis every day now 8D *dies* That's the other reason why I haven't posted anything in weeks. And I always get guilty feelings when I'm doing anything else but studying. Because I really SHOULD study now, otherwise I'll get my ass kicked, but now and then when I want to relax for a bit, there's that shrilling voice in the back of my head screamin "FUCK NO, YOU WANT TO RELAX? WELL, TOO BAD! GET YOUR ASS BACK TO THE BOOKS!!!!!"

And then there's the internet...I've this feeling, that it's sucking out all my life lately. It exhausts me so much and I just can't keep up with all these social network shits. This is also the reason why I haven't been on for a while's exhausting in so many ways. Don't get me wrong, I love talking to you guys, but lately it's all so very time consuming. What I wouldn't give to cap the internet wires...well, my boyfriend would kill me, but it would be worth a try :la:

Uh, you see...I'm a pathetic little mess lately ^^; I wish a car would finally knock me down so I could spent a month or two in hospital...
Nevertheless I hope things will calm down a bit soon, so I'll get my head clean and try to concentrate a bit on drawing again...otherwise I'll really end up crying in the corner. I'm very sorry for spamming your inboxes with this shitty excuse of inactivity, but I thought you should now...and I guess I'm not the only one with finals just around the corner.

You are allowed to kindly ignore this shit 8D

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...actually, already since Sunday, but I was too tired and k.o. to write a journal :O And please excuse that I haven't answered your messages yet, I'll do it soon!

So yeah, the Vienna Comix is finally over! thanks God... It was...interesting, I guess? I have to admit, I would have never thought that I'd earn so much money...a bit over 100€ (at least I think it's a lot!), I didn't even imagine I would earn anything at all 8D *SHOT*

But it was also a bit depressing at first though - it wasn't primarly about earning money in the first place, for me, it was about finally getting the opportunity to show my work in public. But to be honest, people weren't really interested in my drawings at all. Only very few stopped at my table and really took the time to browse through my portfolio, and even commented my drawings. In a good way, of course. Those were really nice people, they even asked me questions about how I did my drawings and so on :) and if I were lucky enough, they even bought something, yay 8D 

And other people...ugh, let's say that people in Austria are very ungrateful when it comes to art. I had a woman commenting one of my drawings as "weirdly drawn" and I was sitting right in front of her like: "Uuuh, thank you? You know I'm right here and can hear every word you say? Show some respect, you're an adult after all!" :| (Blank Stare)  But that's exactly the problem here in Austria. People don't see "drawing" as work - it's just something you do in your freetime when you're bored as hell. How dare you even think about calling that 'work'?? That pissed me off a lot. Another thing: People liked one of  Manos-Art's pictures a lot, but hardly anyone bought it. Instead of buying it, people were taking photographs of her drawing...PHOTOGRAPHS. What the actual fuck?? This is such a shitty thing to do!

I know, it's not only here in Austria, but I can only speak for myself, now that I've experienced it. But I bet artists in other countries get a lot more respect and support than we poor souls could wish for here :hmm:

It's just...I really stressed myself out because of this convention. I was really STRESSED. I've drawn a lot of pictures in a short time, just to offer something good, something worth selling. And in the end, it was actually for nothing. But meh, at least I've drawn a bunch of new crap and had some sleepless nights :dummy:

All in was still an intersting experience La la la la  And if you spend 6 hours per day in a small artist room, you see a lot of funky and freaking odd people running around... A. LOT. OF. FREAKS. HOLY SHIT, ONE WORSE THAN THE OTHER. and it was so fucking exhausting at the end, I had constantly headaches D:

We're probably attending the Convention again in sell the shit that no one didn't want to buy, ha! B-) (Cool) 

Anyway, I'm gonig to bed now! Have a nice week, guys! :meow:

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Hello guys! :meow:

Yup, the title says it all - Manos-Art, Mairon and my humble self (8D) will be at the Vienna ComixCon in April!'s a freaking no-name convention in Austria, and a rahter small one too, but damn, we got 3 artist tables for free. YES :la:

We try to offer a lot of different stuff...but mostly from the manga/anime, video game and movie genre. And with the three different styles we have to offer, I bet it will be great :D It's the first time we offer and sell our works in public, and personally I'm already totally excited! :excited:

So, that means...I'll be very busy with trying to draw some decent and good-looking stuff for the Convention. I'm way too insecure about offering some of my current drawings (except for 2 of them...) because they already look like shit again in my point of view...or let's say, not good enough worth offering :B So I really really need to draw more and better artworks. And some chibis. Goddamn those fucking chibis :shakefist:

I won't be very active too in the next time, since University has started again last week and this term I'm going to work my butt off. Literally. I'll be so dead x_x But apart from that I'll try to do my best for the Convention...I want to look good...Dogeatello *snort* wants to look good :dummy: *winks at Manos* they see us rollin', they hatin'

That's it so far, just wanted to let you guys know it :) Wish me luck!


PS: @ :icondatsmollpotato: I wanted to apologize to you in advance, but I think I'll be taking a bit longer with my part of our AT :( Hope you don't mind too much, dear!
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Literally tripped. Face forward :dummy:

I don't know if any of you are a fan of Dragon Age. I've never played these games before, hell, I didn't even know what the story was about. But a month ago I've bough the new game Dragon Age: Inquisition out of the blue, thinking 'Meh, why not? Has a nice cover."...and I fucking love it :heart:

Just to make things clear, I've drawn already 2 fanarts and from what I can tell there will be more coming soon :la: It's just...I get so much inspiration from the game and the characters. It's simply amazing! Drawing something new for a change...I haven't felt so much joy lately, and it's really good for me. It's like I've found a new muse.

Of course I won't stop drawing Hobbit related things, I'm still idolatrously in love with Bilbo, Thorin and Co. , but I also feel like drawing something new. It does me good :) Hope you understand and I also hope that I won't lose a shitload of watchers now... :O

So just in case you're wondering what exactly that shit is that appeares in your inbox's Inquisition :heart: btw I can totally recommend the game, it's JUST SO GOOD *dies*

Thanks for reading, guys!

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Hello folks! :meow:

Getting older again, huh? Like every year 8D *SHOT Ahem...sorry that I couldn't write this journal earlier, but this week was my birthday (17th of Dezember) and I wanted to thank everyone for their kind birthday wishes and wonderful presents! I was so happy to receive them all, so thank you so so very much, guys :airborne:

I also wanted to give some special thanks to :iconcrash-the-megaraptor: Ni No Kuni 2 :iconroselylove: Birthday present :iconpaperlillie: The Light In The Night and :iconmanos-art: for their wonderful birthday gifts! :heart: It's a pity I can't show you the gifts I got from Manos-Art since they aren't online but they are soooo gorgeous and I literally cried tears when I saw them QwQ

And also thanks to :iconlittlesakis-aubade: and :iconmirielofgisborne: for the heartwarmig E-mails I got from you, they surely made my day even better :love: And also thanks again for your extra gift attached to your E-mail, Miriel :heart: I'm still giggling like an idiot, hehe ;3

So yeah...I guess that's it. I'm again a year older and that's how I feel :la: 2014 isn't over yet but I wish everyone of you already a Merry early Christmas and hope you're going to have good time for the rest of the year and spend it with the people you love! Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer  Christmas Tree  Santa Clause 

See ya! :typerhappy:
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Uuuh, I think the title speaks for itself... :nuu:

I do not want to bother any of you guys, but I'm kind of sorry that I couldn't be as active in the last few weeks as I actually wished to be. Even though University has started one month ago, I thought that I would still have a lot of time for myself and my drawings...well, not a bit of it. I've to write a lot of random stuff for lectures, read even more stuff for lectures I'm not interested in and so on...and besides studying I'm literally working my butt off at work >___>

To cut a long story short...I don't feel like I'm having an art block, but nevertheless I feel like I'm totally out of breath. Like I'm drowning in my own uselessness. Why's that so? I see my friends posting a lot of their beautiful works on dA and I feel like I lag miles and miles behind :faint:

I'm still working on a few of my drawings to get them finally finished, but after that...what shall I do? I'm lacking real ideas of what to draw next, so if you don't mind you guys could give me some hints. For example, things you'd like to see more from me. Or anything new that I could try out? I'd be grateful for a few ideas from your side even though if I can't promise that I'll really draw them...but I'd be grateful nonetheless :) Maybe they'll be able to push my motivation and self-esteem a bit! holy hell, that would be beautiful QAQ *weep*

So yeah, that's it so far...

Oh yes! What songs are you currently listening too? I need some new music motivation again ^^;

Thanks and see ya! :meow:
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Got tagged by :iconmrnothingspectacular: Heh, why not? Here are the rulezzz:

1. Each person has to share 5 things about themselves.
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
3. Not something like "you are tagged if you read this".
4. You can tag as much people a you can, but the minimum is 5. You must also put their icons in the journal.

Bullet; Red Five facts about me: Bullet; Red 

Bullet; Blue I'm a lazy ass :| (Blank Stare) 
Bullet; Blue I'm currently addicted to Five Night's at Freddy's even though this games scares the shit out out of me Nuu 
Bullet; Blue I'm a Bagginshield shipper :heart:
Bullet; Blue I'm totally embarrased at how my art style used to look like 2 years ago... Ashamed
Bullet; Blue I know I shouldn't compare my art with others but damn, I always do it nevertheless and it makes me feel so depressed about my own skills Tantrum 

Bullet; Purple Questions! Bullet; Purple 

1. What was the worst game you've ever played?
I guess that was Catherine for PS3. I've played it once and never again. Still wonder why I've bought it in the first place...

2. Have you had or currently have any weird friends?
All my friends are weird :XD:

3. What's your current wallpaper in your desktop?
Don't Starve

4. How many hours do you spend online?
Waaaay too many, I guess...

5. iOS or Android?
*looks at mobilephone* iOS. Yup.

6. Do you fave, comment, or both?
Most of the time both, but sometimes I just comment or fav a picture.

7. What is your favorite emoticon?
:D (Big Grin)  :o (Eek)  La la la la  I am a dummy!  Hug  

8. What TV show/movie/game, etc. are you obsessed with?
I'm currently obssessed with Don't Starve, Five Night's at Freddy's, The Hobbit, Assassin's Creed ... You talk too much! 

9. What's your antivirus?
but my abonnement has run out half a year ago :O

10. Greenland or Iceland?

I guess Iceland. But Greenland sounds interesting too~

Bullet; Yellow Now to my questions! 8D Bullet; Yellow 

1) Sup, how's it going?
2) What does your username mean?
3) Do you have OC's? If yes, what's your fav one and please show us a picture so we can see!
4) What kind of superpower would you like to have?
5) Name one of our favorite books!
6) Have you ever tried to write a story? If so, what kind of story?
7) Hero or villain?
8) If you could put one favorite song on repeat, which one would it be?
9) What's your opinion on the trend where half mankind likes to throw a bucket of icewater over their heads?
10) If you suddenly meet me in real life, what would your reaction be?

Bullet; Pink My poor victims! Bullet; Pink 


I know, I usually don't tag people, but fuck it, this time I'll do it 8D You don't have to do it, of course. Do it or leave it, it's your decision~
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Hey guys! :meow:

First of all, I'm sorry that it took so long to reply to your messages! But if you've seen my latest deviation, you'll probably know that I've finally found a job and even though I've had it just for one week it's already pretty tiring :faint: For example, I've worked 12 hourse without a pause at the Vienna Hilton hotel from 18:00 on Sunday til 6:00 at Monday :dead: And I was just TIRED And my feet threatened to kill me D:

But that's not what I wanted to tell you! What I really wanted to say is that I'm going to Cologne (Germany) on Thursday til Monday next week :la: Why?


In case you don't know, the Gamescom is Europe's largest gaming event and I'm soooo excited! I've never been in Cologne before and visiting the Gamescom will probably the highlight of my summer :XD: I'm so eager to see all the new games, e.g. Assassin's Creed: Unity, Assassin's Creed: Rouge, Pokemon ORAS and so much more :heart: And I want to buy merchandise, I hope there will be a shitload of merchandise :dummy:

Anyway, I'll try to go online when I get free WLAN somewhere Starbucks, heh 8D I hope you guys are enjoying your summer and have a nice day :meow:

See ya!
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First of all: Don’t worry, it’s not a motivational-inspired rant, it’s just a little something that I need to get off my chest Bucktooth  If you don’t care, feel free to leave.

So…after an “unpleasant incident” a few weeks ago involving my drawings I’m just sick of people, who feel the need to tell me what I should draw and what I shouldn’t. Yes I know, my drawings are not good and people are not interested in them expect a few ones, and I’m really thankful for you guys and your comments and favs because they're always the highlight of my day :hug: you know who you are 8D

But I could not fail to note that I felt insulted.

“You should draw this and…” “Why don’t you draw this?” “You could gain a lot more popularity and friends if you…” NO!

You know what? FUCK POPULARITY. And what friends are these, which I can gain through popularity?! Just some bootlickers who want me to draw them something and then ran away without even saying any expression of thanks? Forget it, I’m tired of this :| (Blank Stare) 

I may have been a bit popular when I was drawing Super Mario but guess what, I’m growing up now and there’s just so much more that I want to draw, even if it doesn’t fit with the expectations of my 700 watchers. (Who are you guys anyway??)

Urgh, I know I sound immature and frustrated but that’s exactly how I feel and damn it I DON’T EVEN HAVE AN ARTBLOCK! I…I’ve never felt so inspired in the last few months, the motivation is literally pouring out of my nose and ears like a rainbow waterfall Nuu  what? D:

And I want to draw, draw, draw, draw whatever I want to and apparently that are things from the Hobbit, or my story or any other things that I’m interested in at the moment! And on the one hand I couldn’t give a damn about that most of my pictures are not what you would like to see, but on the other hand it also refrustrates me…again! CURSE YOU! 

Yeah. I think that’s it :shifty:  Just to make things clear. I’m going to draw my shit, even if no one is interested in seeing it.

Cora out! :salute: have a nice day btw


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Guys, my finals are finally over! :dummy: I haven't slept the last 5 days and after my final exam yesterday evening I just dropped dead into bed. I've no idea if I've passed them but hey, now I can finally relax for the next few weeks and draw some shit again! :dance:

I've also found this Video Game Challenge on the internet and it looked fun, so I did it :meow: It's been a long time since I've done something like that!

1) Favorite video game?

I simply can’t choose just I’ll make a short list of my top 5 (no particular order) :XD:

Assassin’s Creed II

Super Paper Mario

Bravely Default


Ni No Kuni


2) First console you owned?

The very first console I owned myself was the N64 :) I got it pretty late back then, I guess in 2002?


3) A game that holds a special place in your heart?

I hold many games in my heart, but if I had to pick one I’d choose Age of Mythology (PC) :) This game brought me into all the history and mythology stuff and since then I’m addicted to it :heart: I own like 10 different books about mythologies all over the world and I spend daydreaming and researching the Gods and mythological creatures of all cultures :love: Lately I also like to draw them myself to make my own versions of them. Mythology is such a fascinating hobby :3  


4) Favorite video game character?

My favorite game character lately is Ringabel from Bravely Default :D He’s such a smug and handsome bastard, how can you even dislike him? And he’s a rad hairstyle :XD:

But I also like Alice Liddell from Alice: Madness Returns. I love her crazy/not–so-crazy personality and her fighting skills are awesome. Plus, she looks very pretty in her bloodshed dress :meow:


5) Least favorite video game character?

Airy, Airy and again AIRY!!! (Bravely Default) I hated that damn little crystal fairy from the beginning, she just annoyed the crap out of me! Not only her impatient behavior about ”awakening the 4 goddamn Crystals”, but also her squeaky voice just drove me mad whenever the voice acting kicked in -.- And not to mention the tremendous plot twist she’s involved into…urgh, I hate her! :shakefist:


6) Favorite genre?

That would be everything open world/role play/strategy/fantasy whatsoever :la:


7) Video game character you’ve had a crush on?

Haha, I guess that was Luigi when I was like…14 years old? Oh come on, it was impossible to resist that cute little plumber back then XDDD


8) First video game you remember playing?

That was Donkey Kong Country for the SNES :D It was also the only game we had for the first few years and I spent hours and hours playing it with my sister together. I still love that game idolatrously :heart:


 9) Age you started gaming?

Dunno...I guess at the age of 4 or 5? I can’t remember correctly because I’ve always watched my sister play and now and then she handed me the controller so I could try it myself.


10)Hardest video game you’ve played?

If I fail very bad at playing a video game at the first 20 minutes, then I didn’t “play it at all” :XD: But when I bought Alice: Madness Returns last month there was a download code for the first game called American McGee’s: Alice which came out in 2000 on the PC and I was soooo super excited to play it because I’ve heard so much of it! Well, guess what; I stopped counting how many times I’ve died in the FIRST FUCKING AREA and that area wasn’t even big! No shit, this was awful! Every Card Guard hit me 2 times and I was already dead! And I lost track how often I’ve fallen of a platform. I tried over and over again but either I’m just way too stupid or the PS3-controls is not made for that game! ARGH! DX


11)Video game you’ve spent the most time on?

It’s either Sykrim or Ni No Kuni…but I guess it’s Skyrim :XD:


12)Shortest time you’ve beaten a game in?

I guess that was Luigi’s Mansion for the GameCube…it took me less than a day to beat it? O_o Back then I realized how short it was!

13)Scariest video game you’ve played?

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories... Never, NEVER give me a horror game! I’m NOT able to play it, no matter how hard I try I end up in tears and can’t sleep the whole night D8 I can’t even watch horror movies without covering my eyes most of the time!

14)A popular series/game you just can’t get into no matter how much you try?

Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I just…no, I can’t :shrug:


15)PC, Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo?

Playstation, PC and Nintendo :dummy:


16)Favorite company/developer?

I actually don’t have a favorite company or developer in this matter. I do like the old games from Nintendo and I’ve a few games from Bethesda and Ubisoft. But normally the company is not relevant when I buy a game.


17)A game you’ve completely given up on?

Catherine… man, I don’t know why I’ve even bought it in the first place…


18)Do you try to stay away from walkthroughs?

Normally yes, but when I reach a point where I’ve no idea how to go on, I might watch one or two walkthroughs… thanks God that doesn’t happen so often.


19)How often do you use cheats?

Nnnnnnever :la: When I was younger I used cheats while playing Age of Empires II because I was so bad at it and the enemies could mop the floor with me :XD: And sometimes testingcheatsenabled true is my life savior in Sims 3


20)Favorite video game soundtrack/song?

Ezio’s Family (Assassin’s Creed II)…
Gives me goose bumps every time I hear it :heart:

City Gates (Skyrim)…
I always get a fuzzy feeling when I hear this song slowly coming up while walking through a city or in my home :3 It’s just lovely!

Ibitsu Naru Shinen Sono a ha Mao (Bravely Default)…
I don’t know why, but this theme is addicting and I love fighting to it :D


21)A game you were the most excited for when it wasn’t released yet?

I remember that I was really excited for Pokemon Emerald back in 2005 :) I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I was just thinking about this particular game and wanted to play it sooo bad! And when it finally got released, I knew my mother would buy it as a Christmas gift and I knew where she hid the presents from me and my sister (wardrobe, doh…). And when I saw it in there, I was so unbelievable happy and couldn’t wait for Christmas to come XD


22)Ever go to a video game convention?

Yes, the Vienna Game City a few years ago but it pretty lame and not very exciting -.- I didn’t even get a glimpse on the new games because all those hardcore nerds were occupying the consoles for hours.


23)Hardest boss fight you’ve been in?

The only one I can remember now was The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Not only was that bitch perfectly camouflaged with her white suite in a white flower field, but also if you couldn’t beat her in less than 10 minutes she’d simply bomb the whole battlefield. Her crazy ass weapon with infinite ammo didn’t make things easier. God, that was exhausting :faint:


24)Video game you wish you could burn from your memory?

Two Worlds 2.  I actually liked this game at first, but when I played it again a few years later, it was just weird and awkward. And the controls were awful.


25)Favorite gaming series?

That would be hands down the Assassin’s Creed Series :heart:


26)Do you skip tutorials, or find them useful?

I always use them the first time when I play a new game, but after that I’m getting pretty tired of it :XD:


27)A game you wish your friends knew about?

Mother 3, also called Earthbound 2. This game is epic and it’s a shame it was never released outside of Japan :( I’ve played it on my PC thanks to an English fan-translation and this game is simply stunning, heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time. It also has some really lovable characters you don’t see very often nowadays anymore. It’s really worth playing, guys.


28)Biggest disappointment you’ve had in gaming?

That was the ending in Assassin’s Creed III. Seriously, I didn’t like that game at all and it was a real disappointment to me :hmm: But the ending was just…a great, big WTF in your face. Dear GOD, I was sitting in front of the TV, gaping at the screen and all I could think of was ”That’s it? That’s the end of Desmond’s story? You f*cking kidding me??”.


29) Has there ever been a moment that has made you cry?

Uhm…actually the ending of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was hella cute and heartwarming. Also the good ending of Bioshock 2 was pretty sad but also very touching. You see, I weep easily Q_Q


30) Why do you game?

Because it’s a relaxing and inspiring hobby where, for a short time, I don’t have to worry about anything except the characters and their stories :) Video games are gorgeous :heart:

Maybe some of you would like to try it too, it's very interesting and a lot of fun if one thinks about it :nod:

Have a nice day!

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Ah, well...guys. I'm sorry for spamming your inboxes again, but I just wanted to make a quick update:

I'm sorry that I've been pretty lazy lately and I feel an awful lot sorry about it because I actually promised to be more active this year :cries:

The good news is I've already drawn quite a few (but still not entirely finished) drawings this month which are still waiting to get submited here. But the problem is I've been feeling pretty lousy and terrible sick the last 2 weeks :puke: It has been going like this: I can hardly get out of bed, I'm always tired, no matter how much I sleep and oh, there's the next problem: I can't get any sleep, therefore I feel totally knackered the whole day :faint: When I'm in University I can't concentrate at all which totally sucks cuz finals are coming in June! DXand when I try to finish one of my drawings, it all gets worse :shakefist: I had the same problem last year and ended in the hospital for a day...geez, that was a 'lovely' Sunday -.-

But apart from that I feel also very terrible because I've had no time to comment on all the new drawings and journals that appeared in my inbox :( Seriously, I really want to but I don't have the strenght to do so, hell, I can hardly write this journal without falling asleep this instant! Dead (RIP)  So please, give me some more time and I'll catch up on it... Ashamed 

Oh and one more and less frustrating thing:

Guys, does anyone know some good songs? D: Because I need music for my inspiration but damn, I'm so sick of my Itunes playlist (which consists of more than 500 songs, I guess) and I just need something new! >__< I'm mostly listening to bands like Mumford and Sons and Of Monsters and Men lately, but also bands like Bastille or The Wombats. And I'd be very interested what you guys are listening to right now :) I really need some new songs/bands, so that I can distract myself from my ailing health! Any suggestions are welcome, really :meow:
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Guys...hey guys! Do you know this game? Child of Light? If not then damn, let me tell you something! :O

I just bought it 2 days ago and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD this game is so gorgeous *___*

The game itself doesn't last very long around 12 hours I guess? and I've also heard and read that it's not a masterpiece when it comes to story, fighting or the characters character developement, where are you? but beside that, this game is just a glorious feast for the eyes :heart: The watercolor environment is incredible and I've already caught myself in the first level just staring at the TV and listening to the soundtrack which is, if I may say, truly wonderful :love: The characters always speak in ryhmes which is quite funny and distracting at the same time but hey, nevermind that 8D

And I bought the Deluxe Edition because, apparently, you couldn't get a normal edition in Austria? Oh well, but it contained a lovely poster, a small artbook :heart: and even a glowing keychain of the firefly Igniculus :la:

Oh, and another funny fact that nearly made me swoon: The main character (Aurora) comes from Austria. AUSTRIA. Jesus fucking wept, I've never heard of a video game character coming from where I live XDDDD

I may be a little bit distracted by it, that's the reason I can't get any shit done - drawings and university stuff - so I'm sorry for those who I still own a part of the Art Trade. Be patient guys, I'll do my best!

So yeah...sorry to spam your inboxes, guys :XD: But anyway, if you're looking for a nice eye candy lately, than this game is just what you're looking for.
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You can still leave now! Go now, I bet you don't wanna read this shit I've written here! XD

Oh, you want? Very well...then go ahead, I won't prevent you from doing it :meow:

So this time it's not a rant but, my dear friends, I've recognized something...

I've been here on DA for 6 years now woah, time flows by and I've been thinking about my future and my drawings...which actually always leds into an emotionl whirlwind :O But not the bad type of emotion! Now be prepared for some mushy feelings I need to get off my chest because...well, why?

I dunno. I feel like I just should write it down. At times like these, when everything else in my life goes kinda unsteady, I'm glad to be here on DA and what makes me even more happier is the fact, that I met a bunch of wonderful people here :) People I've known for years now, who always send a smile to my face when I see a message of them in my inbox, whenever they leave a comment or fav a work, or simply just drop by and say "Hi!". It's just...well, I do feel grateful for it because it's a simple pleasure...the simplest of all, if I may say so :3

And I know, I had my up and downs we all have 8D and my drawing style changed a lot as well as my fandom. And I'm very happy to see a few people have followed me and are still following me through these fandoms because, well...I know, once an artist changes his fandom, some followers won't fav or comment his work anymore or even unwatch him. That's why I'm always grinning like a dork when I have a new watcher or someone comments/favs my shitty drawings :la:

I know I'm not the most social person around and I do know that I should write more comments to friends pictures because hey, my watchlist is practically not available most of the people I knew are not active anymore or have left DA D: that's why I try to comment on the majority of new pics in my  inbox. And let's be honest, we all feel that little spark of excitement when we see a new comment ;) So forgive me when I'm a lazy ass and when it takes an eternity for me to reply/write some stuff :shakefist:

So yeah...sorry for that mushy wushy journal here but I had to write it down :XD: I'm not writing journals often anyway so...take that! 8D

I wanna thank you all who have supported me in every single way :aww: Comment, fav, watch...whatever, it doesn't matter because it makes me happy nonetheless. And also thanks to you guys who where there for me when I had my crappy pre-midlife crisis a few moths ago...tss, I sounded like a total wimp XDDDD

You're all gettin' a big, fat, austrian-like hug! \(*O*)/ like a BEAR! :heart:
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