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This account is unfortunately dead. Do not waste your time here and go to my tumblr instead:

:bulletblue: PERSONAL BLOG:
:bulletred: ART BLOG:
Yup, that's right. This is the end. I'm not going to be active on deviantART anymore. This account will be dead from now on.

I've played with this thought for quite a while now and thought I'm gonna write one last journal to let you guys know. Let me tell you, I'm sick and tired of a lot of things, not only with my current life situation but over the past months I've gotten so many stupid and idiotic comments that are just nonsense (thanks to those who bothered to write nice and long comments on my drawings, you saved my life on here)on a regular basis. I'm too old for this shit. But it's not only that. I've lost my connection with dA a long time ago already...

To be honest, I'm also playing with the thought of deleting this account, but for now, I'll just leave it passive. I've deleted and put the majority of my drawings into storage and just left the ones in my gallery that I don't cringe at when looking at them. But yeah, maybe I'm gonna delete this account anyway in the end. Who cares? I definitely do not.

I'm just so done with dA. I'm done with trying to get more active on this site when it feels like there's nothing here for me anymore. Should you still be interested in following my art (HAHA, good one. But it's partly nsfw, just to be warned) then please go to my tumblr. Although I'm gonna be deadly serious now, I don't draw much at all anymore. I got a freaking full-time job and have to do a professional education on the side as well. It's so so tiring and exhausting. The priorities of my life have changed drastically, so I hardly have any free time. No free time - no drawings, sadly.

Or I can give you my Discord address so we can chat over there, I dunno. ich meine v.a. euch zwei, LittleSakis-Aubade und Kaiserglanz, ich würd echt gern irgendwie mit euch in Kontakt bleiben. Wenn ihr das auch wollt, natürlich.

So please, don't bother with mentioning/tagging me in any posts on here, because I won't look at it. I will not write comments or fav any drawings or do anything else. I won't do ANYTHING on here anymore. So do yourself a favor and unwatch me or don't start watching me in the first place. Thank you.

Welp, I guess that's it. Ten years have been way too long.

Goodbye and stay safe, guys, it was a pleasure.


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Cora-Dilcoroc Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2007
With pleasure!!!
Thanks!!! ^___^

But I love your FF!!!
i really love it but I was too shy to write comments...
Susa-the-insane Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2007
You're welcome^^

Awww, thank you! :aww: I'm so glad you do! But never be to shy to comment. thing is, getting loads of faves from someone who never speaks to you is weird and kinda... Well, stalkerish, if it goes on :XD:
But hey, you did, so good for you! :D
Cora-Dilcoroc Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2007
Yeah,your right,I shouldn't be too shy...but I'm in that mode at the start. xDD

And,I'm sorry,my English sucks!!! >.<
I try my best bu Im just 13,come from Austria and have learnd english now for...I think 3 years.
The strange thing is,I can read it very very well!!!
But I cannot write it as good as I can read it...=-=

That's the reason why I always write short comments...(with less than 3 adjectives in every phrase.xDD)

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Cora-Dilcoroc Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2007
I'm so sad... ó_Ò
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