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Retro Paper Doll- Rapunzel

Rapunzel. The newest edition in my "Retro Paper Doll" series.

There aren't many official "Tangled" pictures yet so she only has a few outfits right now. The official "princess" dress, a dress from concept art, and a dress from early screen tests for the film. I also have another "deluxe" dress that wouldn't fit on the one page format, but you'll see that one soon! :)

I own nothing about this, except I did the art myself.

c) Disney
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Thank you very much or as we say in Africa baie dankie!
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your paper dolls are very pretty..i will be printing it out as birthday gift for my son's bestfriend :)
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Thank you very much! :D
bon, j'avoue : pas eu le courage de mettre un commentaire pour chaque poupée... désolée... mais j'ai "épinglé" quelques modèles sur Pinterest : je cherche sur le Net des freebies à partager, sur Pinterest en attendant l'ouverture de mon propre site où je proposerai mes créations et celles d'autres personnes dont j'aime le travail... vous en faites partie : j'adore cette façon de reprendre des personnages "connus" tout en sachant y ajouter une touche très personnelle qui fait qu'ils ne ressemblent pas à tout ce qu'on a déjà vu !... j'aime vraiment beaucoup !... merci pour le partage... (si vous voulez voir, elles sont là : [link] au total j'ai environ 15000 liens vers des téléchargements gratuits)
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Love these! Thanks :-)
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Can you do one of Ariel as a mermaid?
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So cute I really love the blue dress!
Cor104's avatar
Thank you! I like that one too!
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Really cute!!!! I really like the green dress and I hope there will be something like that in the film (sth like the green-grey dress in some awesome concept art I believe we all have seen and adored...) ^_^
Cor104's avatar
Thank you very much! :) I like the green as well! :) I'm planning on making a new...updated Rapunzel doll soon! So keep an eye out! :D
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You need to ad her Pet as an acessoire on her shoulder! XDD
Cor104's avatar
I was going to do that but then I realized...I can't draw cameleons! haha But maybe I'll work on that!
GoldenComic's avatar
Lol! Would be awesome! The Cameleon is so cool!
HolyMaiden's avatar
I wonder what the dress she will wear as a princess will look like (as in the one that will identify her as a princess, like belle's gown for example, or if it will be the purple/pink one and keep it simplistic, like snow white's)
Cor104's avatar
I have seen photos of a Rapunzel doll that is wearing (what I assume to be) her "princess" dress. It's quite lovely! :D
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This is really cute i like it :)
but theres no tabs for her tiara to go into D:
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Thank you! I didn't draw the tabs on the hair cause I thought it would look funny without the tiara on so I'd just put the tiara on her head and then cut the tabs so they wouldn't be as noticable. :)
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Ooooo!!! :D So exciting!! Love her!! :love::heart:
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Thanks! Me too!
tlm13's avatar
You're welcome! :D
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... O.O i am the most deluxe tangled fan :) and u just made me happy
Cor104's avatar
Glad to hear it! Thanks!
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