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Nouveau Elsa

Yet another this time inspired by the work of Alfonse Mucha. I LOVE his work!

btw the song "Let It Go" is AMAZING!!!! :D

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Hello, I want to say first of all, what a beautiful art piece you have created!!
I want to ask what is the name of art style used here? It's on the tip of my tongue but my brain is like 😖 lol thank you for having the time to read this. 💖
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You know this just screams to me to be placed in Kingdom Hearts. I love it.
This goes in the dictionary next to definition of "Beautiful"
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Adding This To Meh Fire Wall
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Could I use this as decoration for my Lolita Elsa cosplay?
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I love how you make her look like the amazing queen she is!
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Would LOVE seeing this on a T-Shirt!
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Woah I love this so mutch!!
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I love Elsa). Best in "Frozen". Want solo movie with Elsa!)

Love this work, and I agree about "Let It Go," it is amazing.
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Absolutely beautiful! :) 
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Beautiful art noveau inspiration
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Beautiful work on her!  And her song IS amazing!!  Did you get to hear Idina at D23??
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"Let It Go" by who?
Elsa artwork is so exciting.
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This is stunning and I love how you used the art nouveau style here. :) *breaks fav button*
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Love it!! I just heard Let It Go today and oh my gosh, I was crying it was so beautiful <3
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