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Art Theft Must STOP

Recently I have discovered my art work being used and sold without my permission on various sites like Etsy, Redbubble, and Ebay!!! This is very upsetting to me and I know this has happened to countless other artists! Please help put an end to it! If you plan on selling artwork, create it yourself or ask permission from the original artist! Just because it's on the internet DOES NOT mean it is "fair game" even if it is fan art or art inspired by a movie or book! You can prevent this by RESEARCHING the artwork featured on an item online before purchasing it! You can easily put the image into google image search and see if the image appears from many different sources, if so it is possible it could be stolen. Look for the original source. Most likely one of the first results will be the original posting of the artwork. If there is still a question, DO NOT purchase the item and report it to the site it is being sold on. If the seller DID in fact create the reported the artwork the issue can be resolved between the seller and the site. This requires a little work on your part, but it will help end art theft on the internet. I know that art theft wil never end entirely but we can all make a HUGE difference if we edcucate ourselves. I hope that other artists will join me in the fight to end art theft!

We can make a difference!!!

Thank you!
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That is awful, just awful, I do not like people who steal artwork from others.
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WTF! People just steal art because they envy people who can draw, unlike themselves. You sir, can draw very well, unlike the fool who decided to steal your artwork.
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This is one of the main reasons why I stopped having a deviantart account years ago.  This problem hasn't stopped at all it just keeps getting bigger and harder to get rid off. Any platform or community where there's designers and artistic minds is bound to be plagued by copy-cats and art-theft. :| 

I don't know if etsy and places like that have an option where you can report the people that are selling these things but if they do then maybe you could do that or talk to the people doing this directly. 
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WoW that's horrible!!! :O NOOOOOO. LAME!!!

By the way, your Phantom paper dolls were linked to, and featured on the Phantom of the Opera at Royal Albert Hall facebook page. :D Lovely surprise to see them there!
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since you need a registered license from Disney to sell "fan-art" works for profit you can report them to disney

I assume you have a license yourself? or are you also selling items illegally. 

I have already shut down a number of shops on Etsy and ebay selling illegal copyrighted Frozen "fan-work"
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I do not sell any of my fan art. I understand that the copyrights belong to Disney. I create fan arts simply for fun.
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This is terrible!
Even if it is fanart you'll have to watermark it along with your other works.
I shop online but not on places like that due to the copyright issues and the bad quality of items.
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:( This sucks, man. I hope this gets handled soon. Best of luck to you. :hug:
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It's people like that who force great artists like you to watermark their art. It's such a shame. 
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Oh god, I hope they take it down and stop selling it D:
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