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After the hunt

By copyrezo
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she put the stick through their skulls.
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imFragrance's avatar
i loved the colors !
PakoBird's avatar
The atmosphere is really nice... I feel like I'm just waking up from a dream into this place... It's so savage and whimsical at the same time! Really cool!
pill-boy's avatar
nice colors and atmosphere
Saquino14's avatar
Haha. That's cute. :D
fallforever's avatar
Wow! This is so cool! xD <3
Saw this in the super feature. owo
FSMPirate's avatar
I don't think I can say anything others before me haven't already said. This is simply amazing. I love it.
Oruba's avatar
Great pic. The colours are very nice :)
blizatrex's avatar
just the way that you bring fish home ;)
Stael's avatar
Lovely-nice color you put in it :)
PapaTez01's avatar
I forget how I found your site, but you are an amazing story teller and artist. I'm looking foward to the continuation of "Socks," if you have more in the works, I mean.
"Minus" is awesome too, very magical realist.
M0niaLiza's avatar
poor monsters:( very good work;)
Zurite's avatar
Macabre and cuteness and the colors all filled into one. @_@

That is a truckload of meat for a girl her size! :D
Jehudy's avatar
wow i love ur art!!! i love this one especially!! 8D
soloman's avatar
And the end of that stick is so dull, too! That had to have hurt...
Nicely done. I love it...
henosis-achieved's avatar
They're all like 'Mein Gott! A serial killer!'
FrApSippiNCellist's avatar
that is so cute, I love the landscape and everything =]
Isynia-Artessa's avatar
This is a great illustration. Everything is working so well....concept, technique, unity. Really well done. YOu have a great way of taking a charming scene and twisting it with just a touch of horor and humor. Really adds to the sense of story here, and of course, your sense of composition is very strong. The little kid and the mosters are great!
t-bone-thomas's avatar
you are one of my favorite artists. i dont know if iv ever felt so moved about someones still art.
charri's avatar
LOL, so pretty and colorful <3
LequinhoTso's avatar
The colors are so vivid!
The way you paint is fantastic,
maybe you could teach me how to paint like this..hehe.I have no idea of what steps to make first to make something amazing lie the one above!
kyoku-hikari's avatar
such lifelike trees
kacchapa's avatar
the atmosphere in this piece is amazing! its a gory concept and there is a lot of red, but its not violent or dark. thats a nice twist.
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