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Protagonist from my graphic novel series "Summer to Winter"
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Yep, I'd be glad to read a book about her.  Maybe it's because I can't help but think of Princess Nine's Ryo Hayakawa?
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She's also happens to be Belarusian-American.
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And you well know from reading my book my affinity for Slavic ethnicities.
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Thanks! That was a great classic series and I've always felt a vibe with bob-haired female protagonists in a lot of manga and anime.
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Might not surprise you then that my own protagonist Pawly's character design was influenced strongly by Ryo's.  Hers and Nene Romonova from Bubblegum Crisis 2040 (both of whom were voiced in the ADV dub by Hilary Haag.)

Great.  Now I'll be earworming "and STOP calling me 'TOFU'" the rest of the day.  :P