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My winged subjects for art show by CopperSphinx My winged subjects for art show by CopperSphinx
I believe in angels and have always been fascinated with them in art and pop culture. Even Brian Froud, famous for his depictions of fairies and goblins, as well as working for the Jim Henson Company, included them in his art books as a high class of fairy! Also, because I believe angels can look like anyone and anything, I decided to make my feline angelic and demonic beings androgynous.  

I traced both subjects from the prelim sketch, drew them on heavier paper, cut them out and switched bad angel to left and good angel to right-hand side.  

I tried to give them breasts and make them masculine so that I show angels, even the fallen ones, have both female and male aspects. I decided also to lean on my favorite medium, which are color pencils.

I made bad angel somewhat Oriental shorthair with points as Siamese. I gave it also a scorpion tail, the prerequisite bat wings, exaggerated claws and spikes.
For my good angel, it was tabby and tortoiseshell with three tails as in Japanese cat and fox spirits (the more tails, the older and more powerful they are) and gave non-traditional wings more framing the face, neck and shoulders.

I also made its wings furry rather than feathery.
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September 13, 2015
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