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UPDATE: Hello, all!  Over the new year, I had to transfer schools and get a new semester going.  Now that I have a major contest all finished up at the other club I moderate, I'm back.  :)  Would you like me to give you some more monthly art challenges?  It's been super-quiet here for the last few months, and I'd love for us to get some interaction going.  I'll leave this challenge up probably thru March, so if you are interested in doing it, send in your submissions and show us what you've got!  Let me know what kinds of activities and blog posts you'd like to see in this group, and I'll see what I can do!  Cheers!

(This journal was previously released on October 31, 2015.  The original text is below.)

Hello all, and happy Halloween! This month marks the beginning of our new monthly art prompt schedule. The Halloween spirit hasn't quite died down, but we're moving into autumn and, for those of you in the USA, Thanksgiving is headed your way. We haven't gotten a big list of themes yet from you all, so here's one of mine that I think will be fun.

November's art prompt is "The Ancient". As always, you can work this theme into your submissions however you want. Perhaps you like drawing characters, and you'd like to draw an ancient god or a member of an old civilization. Perhaps you're more into landscapes or buildings, and you want to illustrate the great cities, wonders, and countrysides of a rich and long-lost culture, in ruins or in its glory days. Or maybe you'd like to draw inspiration from ancient ruins like Stonehenge, Chichen Itza, or the Nazca Lines. (These are just some ideas to get you going; do whatever you feel would be cool.)

Deadline is November 30th. As always, I will feature our submissions in a journal at the end of the month.

Happy drawing!
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1. Due to lack of time join requests have been automatized! I'm putting blind trust in you folks that you actually use Copics when you join here. There simply have been too many expired requests.

2. The artwork you submit here must be made using Copic. Artwork with excessive digital editing will be declined. Exessive digital editing means the loss of the Copic Texture only those markers leave, it's okay to eg. have a background completely digitally made.

3. To prevent the flooding of our inboxes, submission limit is 3 per day.

4. Artwork submitted into the wrong folder will be declined. Try to submit your work into the folder that best fits its content. You can find an explanation of our folders here.

5. Posting Marker trading/selling offers as a comment on the front page is allowed.

6.Mature Content is allowed but has to be tagged as such appropriately.

:bulletred:Joining the Group:bulletred:

If you want to join the group we ask you to show us that you do use Copic. To make that easy, please include a link to one of your Copic pictures in the request. Requests without this will be DENIED!

What is COPIC?

Copic is one of the world's finest brands of professional illustration, papercrafting, and architectural markers.

Copic markers use fast-drying, alcohol-based ink that blends like a dream. Copics come in an astonishing 358 colors (and counting!).

All Copic markers are dual-tipped (except for the Copic Wide) and refillable (Ink bottles sold separately in ALL marker colors), and their nibs are replaceable.

Copic Markers:

There are four types of Copic markers:

Copic: The original Copic Marker. Uses a chisel tip and a fine tip.
Copic Sketch: The most popular and versatile type of Copic Marker. Uses a chisel tip and Copic's signature Super Brush tip that applies ink in a way very similar to a paintbrush.
Copic Wide: Exactly what it says in the name. A wide, chisel-tipped marker for covering large areas.
Copic Ciao: A more affordable and slightly smaller version of the Copic sketch. The Ciao's nibs are exactly the same as the Copic Sketch marker's nibs. Good for beginners who don't want to spend as much money on Copic markers. Does NOT work with the Copic Airbrush system.

The Copic Airbrush System (ABS):

In addition to the markers, Copic also sells an Airbrush tool that uses Copic Markers for its ink supply. The ABS can be used with air compressors or Copic air cans, which are usually sold wherever you can find the ABS starter kits. (In the US, Michael's carries both the ABS starter set and replacement air cans.)

Other products:

Copic makes a variety of fineliners, gel pens, marker papers, and training videos.

To buy Copic markers, go to Copic's official online store.

To learn more, go to Copic's official website.


FAQ Section:

Q: Do Copic markers stink?
A: Copic markers smell a LOT better than most art markers. While other markers smell sickly strong, Copic markers are actually rather fragrant. The author has never had a problem working with the scent of Copic markers.

Q: How much do Copic markers cost?
A: It depends on the retailer, but generally you can expect Copic Sketch markers to sell for (US) $7-8 per marker and Copic Ciaos to sell for (US) $4-6 per marker. Copic Wides are slightly more expensive than Copic Sketch. Various Ink bottles sell for about (US) $9 per bottle, but will refill a Sketch marker about five times (so it's cheaper in the long run to refill your markers rather than replace them).

Q:I want to use Copic Markers. How should I start off?
A:See what are the most common colors you use. Recommended are the warm gray tones, they are god to learn blending and have a nice sepia style color. You should also get the Blender 00 and marker paper which is needed for most painting-style drawings you can find in this group. On normal paper, Copics leave a stripe-less surface, good for cel shading. Copic Ciao with their brush nibs are good for the painting style. It's also good to see what shades of colored pencils and other traditional media you already own, because Copics on regular paper give a nice solid color which can be easily shaded with pencils etc.

Q: When I scan my pictures they look awful! Where can I get a better scanner?
A: There is none. Pretty much every scanner gives out weird colors in the end, it's a thing of calibrating it right. This though is pretty complicated, so an easy way to improve your pictures is editing them digitally afterwards. I suggest the "dynamics" function in Photoshop CS4 or higher. Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Dynamics, and others. You should play around with the levels, hue/saturation and brightness/contrast, too. For the last one, it often helps a lot to lower the brightness and increase the contrast.

Q:I am new to Copics. How can I improve my skills? How do I refill markers?
A: Our group's gallery has a huge section for Copic Marker tutorials, including ones about how to refill markers. If you fail at finding the category, you may find it here… .

As we continue to answer questions, we'll update this FAQ as necessary and add images to go with descriptions. Feel free to ask a question by commenting on this page!

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