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I realized that my "still alive" post was from my last birthday.  Well I made it another year, but had a close call just before my birthday.  In short, my chemo medicine stopped working and while waiting to get a new medicine to try, I started to bleed internally in the area of my tumors in my stomach.  A rush to the emergency room and even with a low chance for survival they were able to stop the bleeding.  I spent a few days in the hospital, but came home before my birthday.

So, still alive and kicking, but it was close.  So far it seems the new chemo is working, and in a few more weeks I'll be doing much better.  Once I'm doing better I'm hoping to do more free style photography work.  In the mean time I will have some photos to take for e-book covers.

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Another year and still alive and kicking.  Today I turned 50 and am so happy.  Not the typical reaction to turning 50, but after being diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer 2 years ago, I'm so happy to still be here so I can turn 50.  

Still working on overcoming the cancer, but also taking photos and writing.  I have a new short story coming out in a new anthology in October.  I have some photographs from this summer I'm working on to post soon.
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Birthday weekend and I can't help but compare this year to last.  Last year at this time I was early in my treatment for stomach cancer, getting most of my food via a stomach bypass tuve, out of work and no health insurance.  This year I'm mostly recovered,  maybe a smidge of cancer activity that should be gone soon, no bypass tube since January, employeed and have health insurrance.  I also became a grandfather for the first time last month.

My mind and spirit have also been coming back.  I have a desire to write again, and have some good ideas to work on.  I've also started taking more photos again.  I'm hoping to have a few ready to post soon.

Take care my friends.  Where will you be next year?
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Just to keep those who read my journal posted, I am doing much better.  My stomach tumor is much smaller thanks to the medicine.  I'll continue taking it and we'll check the tumor again in the future.  My doctor has cleared me to return to work.  Well, return to looking for work.  I'm hoping the economy has improved enough in the last six months so my job search is not long.  And more good news, the j-tube I had inserted in July that allowed me to get food when my stomach couldn't handle it, the tube was removed this morning.  I'm feeling very normal for the first time in months.
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Thought I'd update my journal here to let everyone know I'm doing much better health wise.  In a nut shell, the medicine I'm taking is shrinking the tumor.  I'm eating better, have much more energy, and getting up and about more.  Still a ways to go, but I'm on the right path.  Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts.  I've even started taking photos again.  Did a photo shoot with my daughter for a costume contest she wanted to enter.  I've let her post the pics she likes on her account.
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I got a great phone call today.  Since I am without insurrance and employment the company that makes the chemo medicine I need to take is going to provide it at no cost.  This is great news since the pills are normally $100 a day.  Sure, I've got other huge bills, but this is one huge blessing.

For those who are wondering what they can do to help, I would ask you to take a look at my print shop and see if one of my photos strikes your fancy. You can buy prints in various sizes and frames, but also things like mugs, coasters, magnets, and more. The service gets their portion, and I get mine. All purchases are greatly appreciated.
I can't track everybody I've told about my situation, so please don't be offended if this is how you learn of my current situation.

In a nutshell I've been in the hospital for the last two weeks having been diagnosed with stomach cancer.  On the up side I'm on medication to shrink the tumor and will provide my doctor more options that I have right now.  (If they had to operate today, I'd lose my entire stomach.)  On the down side I am without health insurance and these pills aren't cheap.

For those who are wondering what they can do to help, I would ask you to take a look at my print shop and see if one of my photos strikes your fancy.  You can buy prints in various sizes and frames, but also things like mugs, coasters, magnets, and more.  The service gets their portion, and I get mine.  All purchases are greatly appreciated.
Last weekend I entered 20 of my photos in an artshow.  I was extremely happy to have sold two of my photos.  Yeah!!!  The ones I sold were Shoes 03 and one I'll post here today called Kitty Kat Club.  I didn't make enough to cover my expenses, but it gives me hope and I'll do it again.