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RWBY - Tyrian by CooperKid248 RWBY - Tyrian :iconcooperkid248:CooperKid248 4 1
Mature content
Ganondorf x Warrior! Reader - 10 :iconcooperkid248:CooperKid248 21 9
Ganondorf x Warrior! Reader - 9
Barely a month has passed since you’ve been brought here. You’ve enjoyed the time you spent with Damijana, but your time with Ganondorf was… not the greatest. He would only glance for a moment, sneering in your direction as if ashamed of you. If you truly were Zavrina, he wouldn’t treat you like this.
But you’re not her…
You know you aren’t her. No matter what Mibarag or Dami said, you weren’t the princess of a dead species. What proof could they have aside from looks and answers that weren’t yours? You sigh, resting your head on your hands while one of the servants, a shadow-like Link, braided your hair. You have no idea where he came from, but he seemed to like you. You called him Dark Link, which he seemed to really like. He wasn’t much of a talker, which made you yearn for somebody to actually talk to.
Somebody who was there all the time and knew suffering.
“You wish to speak with Ganondorf, miss?” You jump a l
:iconcooperkid248:CooperKid248 15 6
Ganondorf x Warrior! Reader - 8
You hold Dami close, hiding behind Link and Iveta as they place a hand over their weapons. “Heh. Don’t you know it’s rude to enter somebody’s home without permission? Then again, you have no problem of breaking and entering, ‘Hero’..” Link tightens his grip on his sword, clearly agitated by the comment. “Ah, and you’ve brought Captain Fletcher.. It’s been quite some time, hasn’t it..?”
“Watch it, Ganondorf.. We’re not here to catch up on our past friendship.” Ganondorf chuckles, a low rumble that sends chills through you. “Is that any way to speak to your friend? You’ve got some nerve to show your face around here after your betrayal to me and Zav..” Iveta snorts, trying not to laugh. “Betrayal? I had no clue the Caecus were on their way to hunt her down. You’re not the only person who misses her, you know..”
“You were a servant to their queen.. A bit susp
:iconcooperkid248:CooperKid248 9 1
Ganondorf x Warrior! Reader - 7
You crouch down and pick up Dami, smiling down at her as she holds onto you. You spent a few days in Gerudo Valley with Iveta and Link, training with Damijana and the other Gerudo. Mibarag taught you everything you needed to know within the short time you remained here. Before you were planning to leave, Iveta spoke with her teacher about the plan to bring Dami with them to perhaps talk some sense into Ganondorf.
She was reluctant, seeing that Dami’s training wasn’t complete, but she decided that as her ‘mother’, it would be best for the child to spend time with you. You got one last hour of training this morning to make sure you were all ready before heading out. Link pats your shoulder as he takes out a little crystal shard in the shape of a claw, watching it shake and emit a ringing sound.
“What’s that..?” Dami held out a hand in curiosity. “It’s a Shard of Agony. It tells me when there are secrets nearby. You wanna hold it?
:iconcooperkid248:CooperKid248 8 1
Ganondorf x Warrior! Reader - 6
You slowly crouch to the ground, putting the child down as you stared. “I-I’m sorry, kid. I’m not-” The girl shook her head, not letting go. “I know my own momma when I see her..!” You look up at Link, mouthing ‘help’ to him. He crouches down and starts to reach a hand over to help get the girl off until two of the Gerudo point their swords at him.
“Do not touch the child, newcomer..! Damijana, let go of the outsider and go back in.” Damijana looked up at one of the Gerudo, frowning. “But, Faunela.. It’s my momma. She’s come back.” She turns back to you, beaming an innocent smile. “Right, momma? You came back for me, right?” You bite your lip, unsure what to say to this child. Do you tell her you simply look like her mother? Do you tell her Zavrina’s dead? There’s a kind of happiness in her eyes, but you can’t just take away that light.
Mibarag walked over and placed a hand
:iconcooperkid248:CooperKid248 8 1
Mature content
Ganondorf x Warrior! Reader - 5 :iconcooperkid248:CooperKid248 8 5
Mature content
Ganondorf x Warrior! Reader - 4 :iconcooperkid248:CooperKid248 8 1
Ganondorf x Warrior! Reader - 3
You yanked on the chain that held your arm against the wall, grunting as it dug into your wrist. You just HAD to come back to Hyrule after letting the princess go.. What were you even THINKING?! You had been here for maybe two hours after saving Zelda, only to be caught and thrown into jail for your past crimes. So much for being a secret hero..
To make matters worse, you had no company other than a woman striding back and forth before your cell. She wasn't a guard, as you could tell from her lack of armor. She was wearing similar to what that Sheikah woman that took care of Zelda had, but she wasn't a Sheikah. She was clearly a Hylian.  Her outfit consisted of a short, brown vest, a miner's shirt with chain mail, and several gem earrings dangled from her pointed ears. The bangs of her brown hair were held back by a bandanna, revealing a lot of her tanned, freckled face. On her back was a quiver and a bow, along with a few bottles with fairies tied to the quiver strap.
"Excuse me,
:iconcooperkid248:CooperKid248 10 0
TF2 - Merasmus by CooperKid248 TF2 - Merasmus :iconcooperkid248:CooperKid248 3 1 Don't Starve - Wilson by CooperKid248 Don't Starve - Wilson :iconcooperkid248:CooperKid248 2 1 PokeTale - Wallaton by CooperKid248 PokeTale - Wallaton :iconcooperkid248:CooperKid248 2 0 Commission 1 - xXxHound-Of-HellxXx by CooperKid248 Commission 1 - xXxHound-Of-HellxXx :iconcooperkid248:CooperKid248 1 1 Mystery Skulls Animated - Lewis by CooperKid248 Mystery Skulls Animated - Lewis :iconcooperkid248:CooperKid248 8 1 Jak and Daxter: Uncharted Island by CooperKid248 Jak and Daxter: Uncharted Island :iconcooperkid248:CooperKid248 2 0 Steven Universe - Jasper by CooperKid248 Steven Universe - Jasper :iconcooperkid248:CooperKid248 5 0


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Hello, companions! My name is CooperKid248 and welcome to my deviantART page! I don't have a lot to offer, but I hope to be of help!
Heya, guys. So, I don't exactly post on here as much as I used to anymore, so here are a few quick updates on what's going on.

I will most likely stop posting stuff here on my dA. The only exception I'm making will be the Ganondorf x Reader story I had been working on for a long time. I will be talking about why the delay in chapter 11 has taken so long in just a moment.

Just about a year ago, I already graduated high school and don't exactly have much. I'm attempting to apply for college in hopes that maybe I can get back on my feet with stuff, but since my guidance counselors weren't good at guiding me in the right direction with how to apply for college and what requirements were needed, I haven't had the chance. I'm taking time to look into college right now, but the issue will also to be affording it. I want to attend an art college to become a better artist and to become an actor for plays as acting and drawing have always been a huge passion of mind and my eyes are set on one college as of now, so I have that part figured out.

Next, the delay.

Lately, I've had trouble coming up with good inspiration for most of my work whether it's writing or drawing. If any of you happen to be following my PokéUniverse story on Fanfiction, I might be uploading chapters to that in time. If you want an update on when I might post again, I'll probably swing by here to let you know.

The problem with writing chapters for PokéUniverse is lack of creativity. The same goes for Ganondorf x Reader. Currently, I am finishing the last two chapters of G x R, so once I post those chapters, that will be the last two things to be posted here on dA.

What about art? If I'm not posting here anymore, where will I go?

I will be mostly posting to Tumblr and if any of you are even interested in seeing my stuff, go follow me there. My Tumblr name is the same as it is here. I really hope some of you guys are truly interested and I hope to see you all there.

This is CK saying farewell, dA, and I hope to see you guys again very soon.


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