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This is considered fanfiction for a writer I admire and mentored. :iconmalagua: is him. It's his birthday today.

Sorry for making you feel lost but there is backstory to this one. ~MaLAgua has written a series called The Genetic Park about a restort where you transform into an anthro of your choosing, regardless of species and/or gender. The main character is Tom, who unfortunately lets the transforming technology choose his form randomly and gets stuck as a female cheeta anthro for a while. I love the character dynamics and the setting he created.

So early one after reading all the stories, i got to thinking. What would happen if witness protection got involved?

Conclusion. Phil and his week of facing his fears and avoiding the mafia. This was written in between Detox and Mana Pool but left it alone when interest diminished.

Be aware, I had this story in the cooker for a year and just this week I brought it back to life. I only written four parts with an unfinished plot line. If you want to keep me posting this story and it's parts, feel free to speak up. You can read the series from ~MaLAgua at this [link]

Also read The Taur Virus [link] our collaboration.

As always, comments are appreciated.
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Wow, this is cool. Interesting main character and plot! Keep it up